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Breeze Airways cuts five routes temporarily and reduces frequency on some routes in major adjustment

Breeze Airways, which began flying less than two months ago in late May, has cut several routes and reduced frequencies on several others this week.

The most affected cities appear to be Norfolk and Charleston. A total of five routes from Norfolk have been cut immediately for this week and part of next week, before resuming by the end of next week, some at a reduced frequency. These routes are:

  • Norfolk-Columbus
  • Norfolk-Hartford
  • Norfolk-Charleston
  • Norfolk-Tampa
  • Norfolk-Pittsburgh

13 routes will see frequency reductions, dropping from 4-weekly flights to 2-weekly flights. These routes are:

  • San Antonio-Oklahoma City
  • San Antonio-Tulsa
  • San Antonio-Fayetteville
  • Huntsville-Tampa
  • Huntsville-New Orleans
  • Huntsville-Charleston
  • Columbus-Charleston
  • Columbus-Norfolk
  • Pittsburgh-Norfolk
  • Pittsburgh-Charleston
  • Richmond-Charleston
  • Louisville-Charleston
  • Norfolk-Charleston

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Breeze, which was first announced 2018 by JetBlue’s founder Neeleman, began service in May 2021 following several months of delays.

The airline was launched with a plan to focus on point-to-point routes between small, underserved cities. Eschewing hubs, and generally avoiding competition, Neeleman – who is also the founder of Brazilian airline Azul and was previously a co-owner of TAP Portugal – has said the idea is to run a low-cost, nimble operation connecting city pairs that might not come top of mind.

Neeleman has previously suggested that this nimbleness would allow Breeze to rapidly adjust its schedule and try new routes based on demand and booking trends.

However, this is not good for the passengers booking far ahead of time that could see their flights changed suddenly or even get cancelled.

Seeing this first round of frequency reductions and cutting flights on a temporary basis, Breeze does indeed plan to follow Neeleman’s plan and adjust things on the fly.

Featured image by Breeze Airways

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