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Qantas ‘flight to nowhere’ takes off: Check details

The qantas’ first ‘flight to nowhere’ has taken off today, October 10th,2020.

Photo: Qantas

The flight has taken off with 150 Australians onboard. Though the flight originates and arrives in Sydney, the full day adventure is similar to a longhaul international flight.

The flight will consist of several low fly-bys. The designers of the flight path were determined to showcase the “unique Australian landscape” without passengers having to worry about border closures.Captain Alex Passerini added that the aircraft would pass over these landmarks at around 4,000 feet.

“We will angle the aircraft so that passengers on both sides get a great view, in particular of Uluru after we were granted special permission for the flyover. It’s going to be a really special day and we are excited to be back in the air again.”, captain Alex stated in a press release.

Qantas announced this flight back in September. The tickets for the flight were sold out in an impressive 10 minutes. The flight plans to fly to Uluru, Great Barrier Reef, Gold Coast, Sydney Harbour and much more. The Great Southern Land Scenic flight will operate with net-zero emissions, according to Qantas.

The flight took off from Sydney 10:43 a.m according to Flightradar24 . It stayed in the air for 8 hours and 27 minutes before landing in Sydney at 7:09 p.m.

More and more flights are planning ‘flight to nowhere’. Qantas’ flight to nowhere looked a success considering the tickets got sold out in about 10 minutes.

What do you think: Should airlines plan ‘flights to nowhere’? Will it become a normal in this pandemic situation? Let me know in the comments section below.

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