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Four Seasons Singapore launches hypoallergenic rooms

Four Seasons has launched hypoallergenic rooms at its property in Singapore in order to meet the needs of allergy-sensitive travellers.

Photo: Four Seasons

The hotel has designed the rooms to cater to guests “susceptible to allergies triggered by environmental particles in the immediate surrounds”.

The rooms are developed in partnership with the luxury hotel group’s design and construction advisors and interior designers Hirsch Bedner Associates, the Hypoallergenic Collection draws inspiration from the nearby Singapore Botanic Gardens. Interiors include a natural colour palette of cool blue and green tones “that recall the landscape hues of the garden’s Swan Lake”, and feature floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the city and surrounding greenery.

Each room features a breathable wall covering by Japanese firm Sangetsu, which is certified to contain anti-fungal and low VOC properties. The hotel has also installed UL-certified “ozone-free needle point bipolar ionisation and UV systems”, along with portable HEPA and UV air purifiers which filter the air for treatment of odour, VOC and air particulates.

The design, which follows the Greenguard Gold certification as a guide, intends to minimise the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the room. These chemicals are emitted as gases from regular household furnishings and accessories, and are far more concentrated in indoor environments.

Additional features include hardwood flooring, tight woven fabrics and roller blinds, which help to minimise dust accumulation and mould growth. All main upholstery fabrics and blinds are certified to be “low VOC” which inhibits allergens released into the air.

In addition to all this, the rooms feature allergy-friendly pillows, mattresses and beddings covered with dust-mite covers. These are also washed and treated with cleaning methods and agents that do not aggravate allergies.

“We believe these completely Hypoallergenic Rooms are a warm welcome, and a relief, for guests who seek accommodation that better meets their health and wellness needs. From families to couples and individuals, sleeping and breathing easy is a luxury everyone can now enjoy.”

said Peter C. Draminsky, Regional Vice President and General Manager, Four Seasons, Singapore.
Photo: Four Seasons Singapore

The allergy-free environment extends to the bathrooms, with the vegan-friendly and nickel-tested Rerum Natura amenities free of mineral oils or silicones. The Cosmos Organic-certified bath products, which are sourced from Italy, are crafted only from pure essential oils from botanical plants and are packaged using green materials.

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