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Southwest Airlines announces new routes from California

Southwest Airlines has announced that it will be launching 5 new routes from California this April.

Photo: Southwest

Back in mid-December, Southwest announced it would add flights to 2 new cities in California: Fresno and Santa Barbara. The airline has now announced the initial routes out of these cities.

Santa Barbara

Starting 12th April,2021, the low cost carrier will start flights between Santa Barbara & Denver, Las Vegas and Oakland. Flights to Denver will be once-daily, to Las Vegas will be thrice-daily and to Oakland will be once-daily.


Starting 25th April,2021, the airline will fly between Fresno & Denver and Las Vegas. Flights to Denver will run once-daily while flights to Las Vegas will run thrice-daily.

“We’re boldly launching this eagerly anticipated new year by doubling-down on our consistent commitment to California to offer our value and flexibility to now 13 airports in the state. Not only does Southwest Airlines celebrate 50 years of service in 2021, we’re gratefully acknowledging the support of Californians who have made us the largest air carrier of fliers traveling nonstop to, from, and within The Golden State for 20 consecutive years.”

said Andrew Watterson, Executive Vice-President and Chief Commercial Officer, Southwest Airlines.

The airline will serve 13 destinations in California alone by this Summer. Southwest says that customers flying out of Santa Barbara and Fresno will be able to connect onwards to more than 50 destinations.

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