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Travellers entering Goa will require proof of vaccination or COVID-19 negative test result

Goa has imposed a state-level curfew that started yesterday (10th May) and will be in place till 24th May 2021.

As the result of this, the inter-state movement of tourists has been prohibited since 10th May 2021. However, the state government of Goa added that people who are residents of Goa, or who have with them the full vaccination certificate or COVID-19 negative test result for a test done in 72 hours prior to visiting, are allowed to enter Goa.

Indian national carrier, Air India, tweeted:

Other facilities/activities that remain closed during this period include casinos, bars, river cruises/water parks/entertainment parks, gym/spa/massage parlours/salon, and restaurants (however, restaurant kitchens can provide home delivery/takeaway services).

Goa Tourism published a list of activities that shall remain closed:

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