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British Airways’ Airbus A380s to fly again as the airline launches its biggest schedule since March 2020

British Airways has announced that it will once again operate flights with its Airbus A380s in November and that it will also operate its biggest schedule since March 2020.

The A380 is back!

Starting in November 2021, the same month that the United States is expected to relax its international border restrictions, British Airways will once again operate Airbus A380 flights.

The superjumbo will initially operate to a number of short-haul destinations to allow for crew service familiarisation in November. After sometime in the same month, the aircraft will be deployed on scheduled commercial flights to Miami and Los Angeles in the United States, as well as to Dubai, United Arab Emirates in December.

Neil Chernoff, Director of Network and Alliances, British Airways, said:

This is an exciting time for British Airways and our customers as we see borders re-opening. With welcome news from the US, we are dramatically increasing flights and bringing home some of our A380s to give our customers as many options as possible. Elsewhere across our network we are also adding additional services to destinations all over the world, to ensure our customers can take advantage of a much-needed holiday.

Ramping up service to the US

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, British Airways had a vast network in the United States. Due to the crisis, the airline had to scale back its operations across its network. However, the flag carrier of Britain has announced that it will restore its US network fully. The airline is set to fly to 23 US airports this winter with up to 246-flights-a-week, which it states that will be Merle more than any other transatlantic carrier.

British Airways will be increasing the number of flights to New York, which will initially be increasing to 5-flights-a-day, before increasing to 8-flights-a-day in December 2021. The airline will also be operating double-daily services to Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, Dallas, Miami and Toronto, as well as daily services to Philadelphia, Phoenix, Seattle, Atlanta, Denver, Houston and Vancouver.

In addition to frequency increases, over the course of October and November, the London-based carrier will restart services to Austin, Orlando, Tampa, San Diego, Las Vegas and Baltimore. In December 2021, the airline will also start flying to Nashville and New Orleans once again, which the airline states were a hit with customers when they first launched.

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Frequency increase elsewhere

British Airways has increased flights to a number of short-haul destinations by adding 13,000 more seats to holiday hot spots this month. Marrakech and Dalaman, which are popular leisure destinations, will once again be visible in British Airways’ flight schedules again in time for October half-term, and brand-new services to the Turkish resort of Antalya will also be launching. The airline will be resuming flights to a number of ski destinations including Innsbruck, Grenoble and Salzburg in December. BA CityFlyer has also announced flights to Salzburg slated to begin this December.

British Airways is extending its Caribbean programme with 12-flights-a-week to Barbados and 9 each to Antigua and St Lucia, which will be split across London Heathrow and London Gatwick airports. Flights to Maldives and Mauritius, popular luxury Indian Ocean destinations, will also be increasing to 10- and 6-flights-a-week respectively over the Christmas period.

British Airways will be increasing flights year-round to key European cities with 48-weekly flights to Amsterdam, 33-weekly flights to Geneva, 35-weekly flights to Dublin, 28-weekly flights to Milan and 21-weekly flights to Berlin, Paris and Rome.

The airline’s subsidiary, BA CityFlyer, is expected to operate a schedule of 43-weekly flights to Edinburgh, 33-weekly flights to Dublin, 25-weekly flights to Glasgow, 18-weekly flights to Belfast, 16-weekly flights to Amsterdam, 15-weekly flights to Rotterdam and Berlin, 12-weekly flights to Frankfurt and Düsseldorf and 11-weekly flights to Zurich. The airline is also set to launch a new route from Belfast to Birmingham, as well as new flights to ski destination Salzburg, from London City and Southampton.

British Airways has also reopened a number of its lounges across its network. The airline’s Concorde Room in London and New York reopened in September while lounges in Chicago, Washington, San Francisco and Houston are expected to open this week.

Featured image by British Airways

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