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IndiGo to begin flights to Baku, Azerbaijan

IndiGo has announced that it will begin flights to Baku, Azerbaijan as part of its aggressive international expansion plans. Baku will be IndiGo’s 30th international and 108th overall destination.

Starting 11th August 2023, IndiGo will operate 4-flights-a-week between Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport and Baku’s Heydar Aliyev International Airport. The flights will be operated by all-Economy Airbus A320neo aircraft with the following schedule:

  • Delhi-Baku
  • Departure time: 20:20
  • Arrival time: 23:50
  • Flight time: 5 hours
  • Flight number: 6E1803
  • Frequency: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays
  • Baku-Delhi
  • Departure time: 01:40
  • Arrival time: 07:10
  • Flight time: 4 hours
  • Flight number: 6E1804
  • Frequency: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

We are delighted to announce the launch of new flights connecting Delhi and Baku, reinvigorating the historical Silk Route connection between these two vibrant cities. Baku is the capital and largest city of Azerbaijan, as well as the largest city on the Caspian Sea. This strategic introduction addresses the growing travel demand from India to Azerbaijan, while also promoting cultural exchanges and fostering stronger bilateral ties. With these flights, tourists will get to experience not only its medieval walled old city but also the contemporary landmarks. IndiGo remains committed to delivering affordable, on-time, courteous, and hassle-free travel experiences across our unparalleled network.

said Vinay Malhotra, Head of Global Sales, IndiGo.

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India and Azerbaijan share a special bond characterized by growing bilateral relations. The exchange of trade, expertise, and technology between the two nations, particularly in the oil sector, holds immense potential for mutual growth. As India diversifies its energy sources, the improved connectivity to Azerbaijan becomes even more significant. This partnership extends beyond commerce, as it paves the way for vibrant cultural exchanges and enhanced people-to-people interactions.

We are happy to welcome the commencement of direct flights from Delhi to Baku of IndiGo. This enhanced air connectivity will further strengthen the ties between Azerbaijan and India. It will also unlock boundless opportunities for cultural exploration and foster tourism growth, inviting Indian travelers to experience the enchanting beauty and hospitality of Azerbaijan- the mysterious Land of Fire.

said H.E. Ashraf Shikhaliyev, Ambassador of Azerbaijan to India.

Baku, Azerbaijan’s lively capital city, is a mesmerizing blend of rich history and modernity. The city offers a fascinating experience that embraces tradition, with its bustling markets, flourishing arts scene, and excellent cuisine. Numerous monuments stand as proud symbols of Baku’s rich cultural heritage. The distinctive Flame Towers, a trio of towering skyscrapers, dominate the city’s skyline, while the historic Maiden Tower stands as a historic stone stronghold in the heart of Baku’s Old Town.

The Palace of the Shirvanshahs, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, showcases the meticulous craftsmanship of medieval Azerbaijan. Baku’s economic significance is evident in its reputation as the ‘Black Gold Capital’ due to its thriving oil and gas industry. Situated on the Absheron Peninsula, the city boasts abundant reserves and major corporations that contribute to its global energy prominence and economic growth.

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