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Emirates extends inflight meal pre-ordering service across Europe

Emirates has announced that it is extending its inflight meal pre-ordering service across Europe.

The inflight meal pre-ordering service is now being extended to and from European cities:

  • Warsaw
  • Venice
  • Rome
  • Bologna
  • Prague
  • Vienna
  • Moscow
  • Istanbul
  • Dublin
  • Hamburg
  • St. Petersburg
  • Brussels and Madrid

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Passengers flying to/from Seychelles and Mauritius will also be able to avail this service. This comes after the airline successfully launched the inflight meal preordering initiative on UK routes and the positive feedback it received from passengers.

The new service allows passengers in Business Class to preselect their main course between 14 days and 24 hours in advance of their flight departure, ensuring they get their preferred choice every time as well as helping to reduce food wastage. The initiative will be rolled out across more global routes in the coming months.

Passengers will be able to browse the onboard menu on or on the Emirates app to choose from a selection of regionally inspired dishes with locally sourced ingredients, up to a fortnight before a flight. Business Class meals include a choice of chef crafted dishes such as chocolate hazelnut pancakes with apricot compote and ricotta sour cream for breakfast, beef tenderloin with thyme jus, roasted potato wedges and steamed vegetables for lunch, and pan-fried salmon trout with saffron cream, blanched green beans, braised beetroot and polenta with spring onions for dinner.

Onboard the aircraft, cabin crew will use digital devices to view the preordered selection and serve the passenger their choice of dish. Meal preordering is an addition to the existing suite of AI-enabled customer preference tracking data and cabin crew reports onboard Emirates, which facilitate menu planning, optimal food loading and waste minimization.

Featured image by Emirates

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