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Breaking: Fire breaks out on a British Airways B747

Yesterday, a fire broke out in the cockpit of a British Airways Boeing B747 aircraft.

Photo: CPBC Castellòn

British Airways has stored many of its 747s at Castellon Airport in Spain. Unfortunately today one of these parked 747s caught fire, and it caused some significant damage to the plane.

The blaze began just behind the right side of the aircraft’s cockpit and burned for several minutes before being extinguished by airport fire services. All the planes in the immediate vicinity were moved.

The aircraft in question has the registration code G-CIVD. The aircraft sported the carrier’s Oneworld livery.

Photo: CPBC Castellòn
Photo: CPBC Castellòn

This plane was flown from London to Castellon on August 18, and has been parked there ever since, preparing to be scrapped.

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