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New Zealand’s Hobbiton has been named as one of the best sanctuaries for butterflies in the country

The popular movie set has been recognised as the best place in the country for butterflies and moths.

Photo: Hobbiton Tours

Looks like, apart from the tourists, butterflies too love the lush green landscape and wild flowers in the Hobbiton movie set. The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies’ set sits on a 1250-acre sheep farm in Waikato district. Hobbiton is very popular amongst the movie fans and travellers.

Moths and Butterflies of New Zealand Trust (MBNZT) has awarded a plaque to the set, declaring it as one of best sanctuaries for butterflies. They need two types of plants in order to flourish, a nectar source that can be used by the adults to feed themselves and a nearby host on which the females can lay eggs. The caterpillars then consume the host plants and pupate resulting in more butterflies and moths.

MBNZT since 2009, has been looking all over the country for places that set a good example of butterfly habitats. Those who apply for certification aren’t granted the same automatically. The people concerned have to provide assurances that they host at least three different species. Also, they should be providing adequate requirements that butterflies and moths need that include; shelter, a space that is free from pesticides and maximum sun.

Photo: Hobbiton Tours

Lily Craig from Hobbiton told Lonely Planet,“We’re thrilled to be recognised as a great habitat for butterflies. The gardens at Hobbiton are such an important part in telling the story of the Shire, and butterflies are an integral part of helping the gardens come to life. Our gardening team have a tremendous respect for the insect and avian pollinators that call Hobbiton their home and we strive to provide them with the best environment in which to thrive.”

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