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FedEx Express to ship vaccines across Canada

FedEx has partnered with the Canadian government to deliver the vaccines across Canada.


According to CTV news, Anita Anand, Canada’s procurement minister, confirmed that FedEx Express Canada will support the Canadian government for physical distribution of vaccines across Canada. The minister also added that as soon as there is a fix delivery date in the 1st quarter of 2021, there will be as much transparency as possible.

As there is a temperature requirement for the transportation of Pfizer’s vaccine, so, except for the Pfizer’s vaccine, most of Canada’s vaccine distribution will be managed by FedEx Express Canada and Innomar Strategies (pharmaceutical outfit).

“As healthcare companies develop and prepare to distribute vaccines against COVID-19, we recognize that shipping COVID-19 vaccines is complex and critical work with many moving parts,” a spokesperson told Simple Flying.

“FedEx Express Canada is working closely with the Government of Canada and healthcare companies on vaccine distribution plans. We are confident in our strong relationships with our healthcare distribution customers as we work through the preparation and prioritization of these deliveries.”, the spokesperson added.

The spokesperson also added that with the support of Innomar Strategies, FedEx network is well-positioned to handle the shipments. Temperature controlling and real time monitoring capabilities are combined with a dedicated health team to support the transportation of vaccines across Canada and the globe.

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