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American Airlines starts shipping COVID-19 vaccine

American Airlines on Sunday operated its 1st flight with COVID-19 vaccines.

Photo:American Airlines

American Airlines on Sunday began its COVID-19 vaccine shipment flights. The Boeing B777 flew the vaccine from Chicago to Miami. It was en route to a US territory in the Caribbean.

The carrier received the vaccine shipment by a truck at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. After loading the vaccines onto the flight, the B777 flew from Chicago to Miami. In Miami, the vaccines connected on a flight to a US territory in the Caribbean. American Airlines did not specify exactly to which territory the aircraft flew.

“The American team is proud to be a part of the critical effort to get lifesaving vaccine safely and quickly to people around the world. We were able to mobilize within hours of getting the call to move thousands of doses. We know this is the first of many shipments to come, and we are ready to scale our operation as additional vaccine is produced and ready for distribution.”, Jessica Tyler, Cargo President, American Airlines.

Recently, FedEx also operated the first flight with COVID-19 vaccine.

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