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Turkish Airlines suspends flights to 4 countries

Turkish Airlines has suspended flights to 4 countries with immediate effect.

Photo: Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines has suspended flights to 4 countries namely United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Denmark and South Africa. The airline in a tweet said that the decision is in line with the official authorities’ decisions and health precautions.

Turkish Airlines website states:

“To the attention of our passengers;

Our United Kingdom, Denmark, Netherlands and South Africa flights have been suspended in accordance with the decisions taken by the authorities and the precautions we take for your health.”

The decision is attributed to the deteriorating COVID-19 situation in Europe.

“Under the directives of our President in coordination with our Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, a temporary suspension has been decided for flights from the UK, Denmark, the Netherlands, and South Africa to our country.”, read a tweet from Fahrettin Koca, Turkish Health Minister.

Photo: Twitter/ Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines was recovering

Turkish Airlines was steadily recovering after restarting flights after COVID-19 pandemic. It was scheduled to operate flights in December/January to Birmingham, Manchester, London Heathrow and London Gatwick.

To London Heathrow, the airline was flying 14 flights a week and was set to increase it to 16 in January. To London Gatwick, there were 4 flights-a-week that were to be increased to 5 flights-a-week in January. For Manchester, there were 7 flights-a-week, increasing to 8 in January and to Birmingham, the airline was flying 3 flights-a-week and was scheduled to increase to 5 flights-a-week.

Turkish Airlines is also suspending flights from Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Note: Passengers already on Turkish Airlines flights from the four affected countries will be tested and quarantined in Turkey upon arrival.

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