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Mumbai Airport launches new rapid COVID-19 testing facility

The ID NOW Express test could help you exit faster.

Photo: Mumbai Airport

Mumbai Airport has launched a new rapid COVID-19 testing facility that provides results in just 13 minutes. Getting out of Mumbai Airport will now be breezier, thanks to this new testing facility.

This 24-hour testing service is available to all international arriving passengers or even for connecting flight passengers at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Mumbai. Mumbai airport says it is the first in India to introduce the new express test, called ID NOW designed by Abbott Laboratories.

This facility is located at Level 2 near Exit Gate B. At Rs 4,500, the ID NOW test is pricier than the regular RT-PCR test. But the results are almost instantaneous.

“The rapid molecular testing technology by Abbott is a tool to help fight the pandemic by allowing fast, highly sensitive and accurate diagnosis.”, says CSMIA. With this facility, Mumbai Airport aims to create a safer environment for travellers and airport staff by reducing the wait time for test results to come out along with providing early detection of Coronavirus in time for passengers to take necessary measures.

“This facility was launched by the airport on December 15 and since the commencement of this test, Mumbai airport has witnessed an average of 30-35 tests per day and a total of 400 passengers as of December 28; these include those who had connecting flights to destinations outside Maharashtra,” the airport said in an official release.

If you are not too sure about this, you can still opt for the regular RT-PCR test which takes about 6 to 8 hours for the result to come out.

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