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Cathay Pacific to resume flights to London after COVID-19 suspension

Cathay Pacific will resume flights between Hong Kong and London Heathrow on Tuesday (12th January,2021) using Airbus A350.

Photo: Cathay Pacific

Hong Kong banned flights to United Kingdom after a fast-spreading COVID-19 variant was detected in the UK right before Christmas. HongKong-Manchester route will remain suspended for the time being.

The Hong Kong-based airline today in a tweet revealed that it would resume flying to London Heathrow, but the same can’t be said about return flights. Of course, the aircraft will need to return to Hong Kong. However, it won’t carry any passengers, just crew. This is as the Hong Kong SAR Government continues to ban arrivals from the United Kingdom.

Cathay Pacific will operate the flights between Hong Kong and London Heathrow on below mentioned dates:

  • 12th January,2021
  • 14th January,2021
  • 15th January,2021
  • 17th January,2021
  • 18th January,2021
  • 21st January,2021
  • 24th January,2021

Flights from London Heathrow to Hong Kong will remain suspended until 25th January,2021.

The flight schedule from Hong Kong to London Heathrow is as follows:

  • Departure time- 23:55
  • Arrival time- 5:00 (the next day)
  • Flight number- CX251
  • Flight time- 13 hours and 5 minutes

For the time being, the airline is extending flight cancellations on its route to Manchester. Cathay Pacific is providing free COVID-19 insurance for all passengers until February 28th.

“We are cognisant of the paramount importance that critical air link from Asia to the UK be maintained, especially under these trying times so that essential supplies can be transported and UK residents have a way to return home. As such, we will resume limited services from Hong Kong to London from 12 January.”

said Kinto Chan, Cathay Pacific Regional General Manager, Europe to Simple Flying on the resumption of flights.

Hong Kong Travel Ban

Hong Kong banned travel to the city by those who had visited the United Kingdom in the past 14 days from December 21st. The restriction applies to anybody who has been in the UK for more than two hours according to FlightGlobal.

At the time, the move had prompted Cathay Pacific to cancel flights until January 10th initially. In addition to the travel ban, Hong Kong increased quarantine to 3 weeks for those arriving from outside of China. The city has also been implementing flight bans for airlines who have transported COVID-19 positive passengers.

Hong Kong increased quarantine to 3 weeks for those arriving from outside of China.

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