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Shangri-La Group launches ‘Fam.ily’ brand

Shangri-La Group has revealed a whole new brand called ‘Fam.ily’ that will create best-loved experiences for multi-generational families as well as provide support for customers on their parenting journeys.

While this new brand reflects Shangri-La’s Asian heritage and strong family culture, it also reaffirms the brand’s commitment to evolving with customers to fulfil ever-changing demands and delivering on the brand promise of heartfelt hospitality.

According to the group, the Fam.ily brand houses a variety of new and existing programmes specially designed to enable family guests to realise their Shangri-La, both individually and with one another, as they explore, bond and grow together.

Hui Kuok, Chairman, Shangri-La Group, said:

Family has always been at the heart of the Shangri-La brand culture and treating our guests like family remains a hallmark of the Shangri-La identity. With the launch of our new Fam.ily™ brand, and as we continue to introduce thoughtfully-designed family offerings, we hope to deliver the best-loved experiences that will bring families closer together, and create precious and lasting memories for our family guests.

Fam.ily celebrates the unconditional love and support of a family, as well as the deep affection, respect and loyalty that bind loved ones together. The logo comprises two parts: ‘fam’, the shortened word for ‘family’, and ‘ily’, the abbreviation for ‘I Love You’, connected by an infinity symbol. At the centre of the symbol is a heart-shaped knot, symbolising the love shared by family members and the strong ties that bind them. The logo reflects Shangri-La’s commitment to go beyond service by inviting guests to be part of an integrated family-centric experience.

Through Fam.ily, guests can take part in a wide variety of activities that have been specifically designed to encourage learning through play and shared experiences through co-discovery across generations. This summer, pilot Fam.ily programmes will be rolled out at four properties across Mainland China. Shangri-La Qinhuangdao’s theatrical programme takes little ones back to the Qin Dynasty, helping them to develop communication skills, problem-solving abilities and teamwork, as well as building leadership through role play. Participants will also have the opportunity to visit a unique historical site with their parents. At Shangri-La Sanya, little guests will have the chance to learn to surf under the expert guidance of experienced coaches. In Pudong Shangri-La Shanghai and Kerry Hotel Pudong Shanghai, families can embark on a vibrant journey of discovery across the city, challenging themselves in a series of sporting activities with professionals. They can experience running workouts, swim training and bike skills to make the most of their precious time together.

Fam.ily will offer a unique mix of active and creative family experiences. While the littlest family members enjoy themselves in an immersive world of adventure at buds and splash offered by Shangri-La Singapore, or build their strength and confidence with high-adrenaline activities at Adventure Zone located across a number of the Group’s hotels, Shangri-La’s experienced staff give parents the peace of mind to enjoy a wide range of hotel services to refresh and recharge before reuniting with their family. Families can stay in themed family suites that have been thoughtfully designed to accommodate multigenerational groups. Little guests can take a memorable adventure to a jungle, castle, outer space or under water wonderland from the comfort of their rooms while the adults enjoy some much-needed down time in their adjacent room.

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