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JetBlue shakes up Route Map as it cuts flights across the United States

JetBlue has updated its schedule and is cutting some flights across the United States. Most of the affected routes were recent leisure adds over the course of the crisis. While some routes are being trimmed to operate around peak travel season, some routes are cancelled altogether. Let’s find out more.

According to Cranky Flier, JetBlue has updated its schedule and has made permanent reductions on more than 30 routes. The following routes are all being cut permanently or are seeing seasonal reductions:

  • Austin to Raleigh/Durham
  • Austin to San Francisco
  • Boston to Burbank
  • Boston to Baltimore
  • Boston to Bermuda
  • Boston to Portland
  • Boston to San Jose
  • Fort Lauderdale to Pittsburgh
  • Fort Myers to Cleveland
  • Fort Myers to Philadelphia
  • Los Angeles to Richmond
  • Los Angeles to Seattle
  • Orlando to Atlanta
  • Orlando to Austin
  • Orlando to Bogota
  • Orlando to Philadelphia
  • Orlando to San Francisco
  • Newark to Seattle
  • Raleigh/Durham to Fort Myers
  • Raleigh/Durham to Jacksonville
  • Raleigh/Durham to La Vegas
  • Raleigh/Durham to Montego Bay
  • Raleigh/Durham to Orlando
  • Raleigh/Durham to San Francisco
  • Raleigh/Durham to Tampa
  • Richmond to Las Vegas
  • Tampa to Philadelphia
  • Tampa to Washington D.C.
  • West Palm Beach to Chicago
  • West Palm Beach to Philadelphia
  • West Palm Beach to Pittsburgh

If you are travelling with JetBlue in the near future, it is advised to check your itinerary. Some routes will continue to run as seasonal operations; others will not run at all.

A quick look shows that many of these routes were recent additions that started only in the last year or so. JetBlue, in a statement to Simple Flying, said:

During the pandemic, we added new markets to provide service where there was the most demand to help generate cash for operations during a very difficult time. As our customers return to more expected booking patterns, we will continue to adjust our schedule and add new destinations and routes that support our long-term network strategy and grow our focus cities so we can compete with the legacy and ultra-low-cost carriers.

Most of these routes are leisure-oriented which are lower yield routes that price-sensitive leisure travelers frequent. While the airline is cutting some routes, it is still expecting flying to increase by about 3% over 2019 in October. In addition, the airline will launch over 40 new routes in the coming months, with many more on the way. One of the main factor of this growth is the Northeast Alliance with American Airlines.

This includes the highly anticipated launch of flights to London, United Kingdom.

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