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Lufthansa unveils new Cabin Design for short and medium-haul routes

Lufthansa today unveiled new Cabin Design for its short and medium-haul routes.


Lufthansa’s A320 family Aircraft will now feature a resigned Cabin, the Airbus Airspace cabin, which is the same cabin design that JetBlue uses on its new Airbus A321LR aircraft. The airline says that the cabin design and the entrance area have been extensively redesigned and now appear brighter and friendlier. So-called Human Centric Lighting, a specially programmed, flexible lighting system, illuminates the cabin in warm red light, graduated intermediate tones to colder blue light.

Depending on the time of day or night, the light in the aircraft cabin is thus geared to the passengers’ biorhythms. Additionally, seating comfort has also been improved: the side walls of the Airspace Cabin will in future offer passengers more space in the shoulder area. In addition, the modern washrooms are even more usable for people with limited mobility.

The huge new overhead bins have a 40% larger volume and can even hold 60% more suitcases, as they can be stowed vertically in the bins.

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Heike Birlenbach, Head of Customer Experience, Lufthansa Group, said:

Regardless of the crisis, we continue to focus emphatically on a premium offering for our guests. For us, premium means providing high-quality, individualized and relevant offers for all our passengers at all times. With the new Airspace Cabin, we are significantly improving the travel experience on short-haul routes.

Tomorrow (4th September 2021), the first Airbus A321neo with the modern Airspace Cabin will take off from Frankfurt for Fuerteventura. In addition to Lufthansa, the new cabin will also be used by Swiss, Brussels Airlines and Eurowings in new aircraft of the Airbus 320 family.

Meanwhile, Lufthansa recently announced flights between Munich and Dubai. The carrier also plans to re-activate five Airbus A340-600 aircraft in Summer 2022. The airline has enabled fast check-in with digital vaccination certificate. Lufthansa has also introduced ‘Sleeper’s Row’ on long-hail flights.

Featured image by Lufthansa

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