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Breeze Airways unveils its new Airbus A220-300

Breeze Airways has unveiled its swanky new Airbus A220-300 in Mobile, Alabama. While the airline, which started operations in May 2021, presently used E190s exclusively for its operations, the Airbus A220-300s will eventually be the backbone of the airline’s fleet.

The “Nicest” seats

Breeze is betting big on premium customers. At the front of the aircraft, there are a whopping 36 seats of “Nicest” seats, which are basically the domestic first class seats found on many US airlines. The Nicest seats are arranged in a 2-2 configuration. Breeze has selected the Safran Seats Z600 hard product. The cabin takes up nine rows, running from the front of the aircraft to the emergency exit row.

Nicest Seats. Photo: Breeze Airways

Each of the Nicest seats are 20.5 inches in width and has a seat pitch of 39 inches. Privacy dividers between the Nicest and Nice cabins are absent, so those who are seated in Nicest cabin and want to avoid the noise from the Nicer cabin may want to try and get a seat closer to the front of the cabin. There is no seatback entertainment onboard the aircraft. WiFi is expected to come onboard the A220s, but it may take some time and is unlikely to be available at the time of launch. For those who come with pre-downloaded entertainment, the airline offers a few places to put your device.

Photo: Breeze Airways

The Airbus A220-300s will be used for longer-haul routes, including some transcontinental flying as heavily teased by the airline. And passengers on transcontinental flights will look forward to a good sleep and for that, the seats recline a fair amount and include a leg rest.

Photo: Breeze Airways

All seats in this cabin feature access to power. This includes USB ports, including a USB C port, and a traditional AC power port.

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Nicer and Nice seats

The 2 other cabins on this aircraft are “Nicer” and “Nice” cabin. The former is an extra-legroom economy product while the latter is the standard economy class. There are 10 Nicer seats and 80 Nice seats on Breeze’s Airbus A220s. The extra-legroom seats are located just behind the premium cabin.

Just like the “Nicest” class, these two cabins also feature no seatback entertainment but have room for passengers to use their own devices. All the seats feature a built-in holder for a small device within the seatback. Power is available. However, in these cabin classes, only USB outlets (including a USB-C) are available.

As expected, there is a significant difference in pitch between the “Nicest” class and “Nice” cabin. However, there is also a noticeable difference in recline. Economy seats, including the extra-legroom rows, have a more limited recline than the premium seats and also, they do not include the leg rest.

Featured image by Breeze Airways

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