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Flair Airlines to lease 14 additional Boeing B737MAX-8 aircraft

Canadian low cost carrier Flair Airlines has announced that it intends to lease 14 additional Boeing B737MAX-8 aircraft as it continues its rapid expansion.

Fleet expansion

Flair Airlines has announced plans to lease a further 14 Boeing B737MAX-8 aircraft. The Ultra low cost carrier’s fleet will grow to 30 aircraft by mid-2023. The carrier will have 20 aircraft in service by summer 2022. Additional aircraft will arrive in 2023 as Flair more than doubles its current fleet size as part of the airline’s vision to have a fleet of 50 aircraft by 2025.

Presently, the airline operates 12 aircraft which comprises of B737MAX-8s and B737-800s.

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Stephen Jones, CEO of Flair Airlines, said:

We’re on a mission to deliver low fares to Canadians and flying a state-of-the-art Boeing 737 MAX fleet means we can do this at the lowest passenger-mile cost in Canada, and with the lowest carbon emissions of any Canadian carrier. With our substantial fleet expansion, Canadian travellers can continue to benefit from Flair’s eye-popping fares and increased service from existing and new airports in our network across Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Flair says that the new aircraft will supports its “ambitious” growth plans. The airline operates service to 32 destinations within Canada and the United States, with service to Mexico (Cancun and Los Cabos) beginning in February 2022.

Each B737MAX-8 aircraft has a passenger capacity of 189 seats in a single class and boasts 14% less fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions than predecessor Boeing B737 models.

Meanwhile, Flair Airlines recently expanded its Eastern Canadian service with new flights to Deer Lake, Newfoundland.

Featured image by Flair Airlines

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