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Air France unveils a more environment-friendly Amenity Kit

Air France has unveiled a brand-new more environment-friendly Amenity Kit. Passengers travelling in Business Class and Premium Economy will be able to take advantage of these amenity kits.

Brand-new amenity kits

Air France has unveiled a brand-new Amenity Kit. As part of an eco-responsible approach, this kit is the first model made up of 93% recycled material. This sober and elegant kit for Business Class passengers features the company’s historic winged seahorse emblem, embodying its rich history. The kite come in 2 colours, navy blue and grey.

Business Class Amenity Kit

The French flag carrier says that ‘special thought’ has also been given to its content. Each kit contains the following items:

  • A toothbrush and pen made of cornstarch, and ear plugs packaged in kraft paper, eliminating the use of plastic.
  • Large and soft sleep mask, socks, toothpaste and Clarins cosmetics are also included in the kit.

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Passengers travelling in the airline’s Premium Economy receive a dark blue kit with a sporty look. The kit features the accent, the symbol of the Air France brand, in a red or blue version. The kit contains:

  • A toothbrush made of cornstarch and ear plugs packaged in kraft paper
  • A sleep mask and a pair of socks.
Premium Economy Class Amenity Kit

In all cabins, the plastic packaging of each kit is now replaced by a tamper-evident seal. In addition, headsets are systematically cleaned and disinfected, allowing the carrier to eliminate single-use headphone protectors and their packaging offered previously.

Meanwhile, in September 2021, Air France unveiled its first Airbus A220-300 aircraft.

Featured image by Air France

All the other images by Air France

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