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Lufthansa reveals new First and Business Class seats “Allegris”

In October 2022, Lufthansa unveiled the “Allegris” product range with renderings of new First and Business Class seats. The airline has now unveiled the actual product.

First Class

The airline has revealed an all-new First Class product. The new suites feature ceiling high walls for complete privacy. Passengers will be able to warm or cool their nearly one-meter-wide seats in the suite according to their personal needs and connect their own mobile device to the entertainment system. Ample storage space is provided by a suite wardrobe so that travelers can comfortably change and have all their personal belongings at hand. The suite also features a large inflight entertainment screen and a table for dining and working.

Lufthansa Allegris First Class
Lufthansa Allegris First Class

What’s interesting is the new offering from Lufthansa: First Class Suite Plus. It is a separate double cabin with ceiling-high walls and an entirely closable door, large table and two wide seats that can be combined into a comfortable double bed (as shown in the picture) if required.

First Class Suite Plus
First Class Suite Plus
First Class Suite Plus

The new First Class will be introduced on Lufthansa’s newly delivered Airbus A350 aircraft in 2024.

Lufthansa Allegris First Class configuration

Every guest has their own understanding of premium, which is why we focus on maximum individuality and exclusivity. The First Class Suite Plus conveys the feeling of privacy and individuality similar to a hotel room – only at an altitude of eleven kilometres.

said Jens Ritter, CEO, Lufthansa Airlines.

Direct-aisle access Business Class

Lufthansa finally is matching its Business Class product with its competitors by offering direct-aisle access to every Business Class passenger for the first time.

The new Business Class seats feature chest-high walls and sliding doors for maximum privacy. The seats feature a 27-inch inflight entertainment screen, ample storage, a mini wardrobe and personal minibar. Inside, it is possible to connect the two suites so that business class guests traveling together can enjoy a large degree of privacy. Passengers seated in the first row will also enjoy extended personal space, as they will be the bulkhead seats.

Lufthansa Allegris Business Class
Lufthansa Allegris Business Class
Lufthansa Allegris Business Class
Lufthansa Allegris Business Class
Lufthansa Allegris Business Class
First row Business Class Suites
First row Business Class Suites
Lufthansa Allegris Business Class configuration

The seats can be converted into a bed at least two meters long and also offer high-definition screens (4K), generously-sized dining tables, wireless charging, noise-canceling headphones and Bluetooth connectivity. All seats are also equipped with a heating and cooling system, giving business class travelers the flexibility to set their own temperature. For extra comfortable side sleeping, seats also feature a shoulder sink-in, allowing the shoulder to sink into the seat, increasing sleeping comfort for side sleepers. A tablet-sized control unit provides access to all seating, lighting, heating/cooling and entertainment functions.

What’s interesting is that Lufthansa is offering a total of seven, yes seven, Business Class seat options to choose from. The options are:

  • Suites in the first row. Double suite inside, single suites by the window
  • Extra-Space Seat: Unique, spacious single seat with extra work surface (found in alternate rows in the middle)
  • Window seat with a “high degree of privacy”
  • Seat with extra long bed (2.20 metres)
  • Privacy window seat with baby bassinet
  • Double seat: In the last row of business class – two neighboring seats with a smaller distance between them, which can be combined to form a double berth by means of a retractable center console.
  • The classic Business Class seat

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Premium Economy

The new Premium Economy seats on Lufthansa as same as those found on SWISS. Allegris Premium Economy seats were first introduced in SWISS last year.

The seats offer a fold-out legrest, and can be adjusted even further back than the current model. Because it will be integrated into a hard shell, however, adjusting it will have no effect on fellow passengers in the row behind. The table and monitor always remain in position. For more comfort, Premium Economy Class passengers will also receive a travel amenity kit that will be made of sustainable materials.

Lufthansa Allegris Premium Economy Class
Lufthansa Allegris Premium Economy Class
Lufthansa Allegris Premium Economy Class
Lufthansa Allegris Premium Economy Class

The seats will have a seat pitch of 99 centimetres (39 inches) and will also have wireless charging in the personal center armrest.

Upgraded Economy Class

The Economy Class seats are mostly the same as those found on Lufthansa’s newer aircraft. The Allegris Economy seats will offer a seat pitch of 79 centimetres (31 inches), tablet holder, USB ports and a bigger inflight entertainment screen. The first rows will have a seat pitch of 86 centimetres (34 inches). Passengers will also have an option to book a free seat next to them if they want extra space.

Lufthansa Allegris Economy Class
Lufthansa Allegris Economy Class
Lufthansa Allegris Economy Class

Entering service soon

Allegris on will installed on more than 80 brand-new Lufthansa aircraft scheduled to be delivered in the coming years. These include the A350, B787-9s and B777-9s. Aircraft already in service such as the B747-8 will also be retrofitted with these new seats. By 2025, the Lufthansa Group will invest a total of 2.5 billion euros in product and service.

The Allegris range promises individuality, exclusivity, and premium service along the entire travel chain.

said Jens Ritter.

More than 27,000 seats will be installed on different aircraft. Lufthansa says that recyclable materials are being used for these seats as well as for blankets, cushions and covers.

Thoughts on the new First Class cabin

First of all, let’s talk about the new First Class cabin. Lufthansa had already unveiled these seats sometime back so we are not seeing a totally new product here. Seeing the airline invest in a new First Class product is a good thing.

Lufthansa has always marketed itself as a premium carrier and this new First Class seats surely do look premium. The combination of brown, blue and white accents look awesome. The concept of a double suite is not new but it does surely feel great that Lufthansa is re-inventing itself in some way here.

The First Class Suite Plus is somewhat confusing. Will Lufthansa sell this suite at an additional cost or will it offer this suite at the same price as that of the individual suite? Even if two people are travelling together, the middle suite is practically two suites combined with all the other things shared, so it’s not practical according to my opinion. Spaciousness and all is there but the practically seems to be lacking here.

Thoughts on the new Business Class cabin

Coming to the Business Class cabin, again, it is not a new concept as Lufthansa as unveiled these exact seats in 2017. It’s sad that the airline has not yet been able to install these seats, because of the delay in deliveries of B777-9s (Lufthansa had originally intended to introduce these seats on B777-9s).

While the Business Suites are not revolutionary, it is certainly a step up for Lufthansa, an airline which had 2-2-2 configured outdated Business Class product until now. I don’t know if I am the only one or no but I feel like the colours which Lufthansa has selected for the Business cabin are a bit dull. The combination of blue and white looks good but that greyish accent takes the excitement away, I feel. This is just a personal opinion but the seats are certainly a revolution for Lufthansa and it’s good to finally see Lufthansa adapting the changes.

Lufthansa will sure have a tough time managing the inventory of the Business Class cabin, as there are so many options to choose from. Travellers may also get confused about the different options on offer. Is Lufthansa offering too many options? While it is good that Lufthansa wants to cater to different market segments, the product inconsistency and understanding of the product among the passengers will certainly be a thing Lufthansa will have to look at.

It has been five years since Lufthansa first revealed the Business Class seats. The airline intended to install these seats in the B777-9s, but that aircraft has been heavily delayed and is now scheduled to enter service only in 2025. It is still a mystery why Lufthansa has kept away from installing these seats on the newer A350s.

Do note that this product is different from the one Lufthansa is currently using as a interim product on the secondhand aircraft it bought. This includes the A350s which previously flew for Philippine Airlines and the B787-9s which previously flew for Hainan Airlines.

Thoughts on Premium Economy and Economy cabins

The Premium Economy and Economy cabins are nothing new. The former are already flying on some of SWISS’ aircraft while the latter is very similar to Lufthansa’s current A350 Economy seats. So there’s not really anything to talk about here.

Featured image by Lufthansa

All the other images by Lufthansa

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