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Taj Mahal New Delhi unveils “The Maharaja Suite” – a tribute to Air India

Taj Mahal New Delhi, Taj’s flagship property in the Indian capital, has unveiled “The Maharaja Suite” in a tribute to the timeless Air India icon.

“The Maharaja” is something which everyone associates Air India with. Those who know, whenever someone says that they are talking about Air India, the Maharaja instantly comes to mind. It is something which has been a pride of Air India ever since it was unveiled several years ago.

Now, Taj Hotels, in one of its flagship properties in New Delhi, has given a tribute to this timeless Air India icon in its own way and it is great to say the least! Let’s get into the details.

A journey through time, The Maharaja Suite, offers a uniquely themed master bedroom, dining room, an enclosed balcony lounge, and a study paying homage to the pioneer of Indian aviation. The characteristic style, wit and warmth of the Maharaja comes alive in its specially-commissioned furniture and artworks. Maharaja’s distinctive moustache takes centre stage in the upholstery and aviation aesthetics in the airplane styled windows, lounge chair, luggage elements and the deep red in the doors and ceiling.

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Taj, with its rich legacy for over a century, has always been renowned for pioneering innovative concepts. We are proud to bring this distinctive experience of The Maharaja Suite starting with New Delhi. As Air India takes flight to gateway cities around the world, Taj will partner their journey to offer the world -class Indian hospitality that it is known for.

said Puneet Chhatwal, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, IHCL.

IHCL says that with this tribute to Air India, it is welcoming the airline back in the folds of Tata group.

The iconic Maharaja is a proud part of Air India’s long legacy, and we are delighted that Taj is celebrating it through The Maharaja Suite at Taj Mahal, New Delhi. It will stand as a strong reminder of Air India’s history even as we transform the airline to become, once again, amongst the best in the world.

said Campbell Wilson, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Air India.

Designed by Bobby Mukherji and Associates, introduction of The Maharaja Suite also marks the completion of the renovation of the marquee Taj Mahal, New Delhi.

Featured image by Taj Hotels

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