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Akasa Air orders four more Boeing B737MAX-8s

Akasa Air has announced an order with Boeing for four more Boeing B737MAX-8s. The order was announced at the Paris Air Show 2023.

Follow-on order

Akasa has placed an order for four additional Boeing B737MAX-8s. The low-cost carrier’s order book now comprises of 76 of these aircraft, out of which 19 are delivered. These four will be the standard density configuration aircraft and not the high density ones. Out of the 76 aircraft, 23 will be standard Boeing B737MAX-8s while 53 will be the high density Boeing B737MAX-8-200 (200 stands for the option to fit in 200 seats).

As the world’s fastest growing airline, we are excited to add four more Boeing 737-8 airplanes into our fleet, taking our initial order of 72 aircraft up to 76 jets which will be delivered over the next four years. In addition to supporting our rapid domestic expansion, these airplanes allow us to take full advantage of the category leading 737-8 aircraft with its unparalleled range, as we prepare our foray into international routes. The fuel efficiency and lower carbon emissions of the 737-8 allows us to remain focused on sustainable operations, while also providing our environmentally conscious passengers with a more comfortable way to fly. Sustainability is at the core of our business, and we strive for more opportunities to reduce our impact to the environment.

said Vinay Dube, Founder and CEO, Akasa Air.

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Vinay Dube has confirmed that Akasa Air is on track to announce a “three-digit” order by the end of this year. He says that these four additional aircraft will help the carrier with its international plans. The airline will launch international operations by the end of this year.

This follow-on order by Akasa demonstrates the market-leading capabilities of the 737 MAX in the world’s fastest-growing commercial aviation market. The efficiency and range of the 737-8 support Akasa Air’s plan to expand domestic and regional networks.

said Brad McMullen, Senior Vice President – Commercial Sales and Marketing, Boeing.

Akasa Air has had one of the largest fleet induction of any airline in the world. The airline already has 19 aircraft in its fleet in less than a year of operations and will induct its 20th aircraft anytime now.

Featured image by Akasa Air

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