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Emirates adds complimentary bus services at Tokyo Haneda Airport

Emirates has added a new complimentary bus service for passengers departing/arriving to/from Tokyo Haneda Airport. This service is exclusively for Economy Class passengers.

Emirates will be the only air carrier in Japan to offer a complimentary bus service from Haneda Airport to major train stations within Tokyo, “guaranteeing easy and efficient transport solution for the airline’s customers” to two prominent drop-off locations – the iconic Tokyo Station (TYQ) at Marunouchi North Entrance and the bustling Shinagawa Station (SGS) at Konan Entrance bus stop no. 7.

The new service will be available at Haneda Airport’s Terminal 3 Charter Bus Parking spot which is equipped with a three-letter IATA code, allowing passengers to easily arrange their bookings all the way through their final stations. Bus number EK7034 departs from Haneda International Airport at 00:01 and arrive in Tokyo Station (TYQ) at 00:40. Bus number EK7036 will depart from Haneda International Airport at 00:01 and arrive in Shinagawa Station (SGS) at 00:30.

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Emirates says that incase a flight is delayed, the bus will wait until 01:00 local time the following day to accommodate the passengers and drop them off at the designated stations.

The service will run daily and will be complimentary for all Emirates’ Economy Class passengers. They will be able to make their way to central points within Tokyo in nearly 40 minutes or less. The bus has onboard restrooms for passengers’ convenience.

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