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Vistara A320 Economy Class review: Mumbai to Hyderabad UK875

Vistara is a full service Indian carrier which is a joint venture between Singapore Airlines and Tata group of India.

  • Airline- Vistara
  • Aircraft- A320-200
  • Class- Economy
  • Seat- 18F
  • Flight Number- UK875
  • Flight time- 1 hour 25 minutes
  • Departure time- 14:05
  • Arrival time- 15:30
  • Flight Date- 9th May, 2019
  • Origin- Mumbai, Maharashtra,India
  • Destination- Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Photo: Ishan Haria
Entry to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Mumbai
Photo: Ishan Haria
Entry to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Mumbai
Photo: Ishan Haria
Outside Terminal 2 at Mumbai Airport


Check-in counters for Vistara Economy class at Mumbai airport is located at Island C.

Photo: Ishan Haria
Check-in area of Vistara at Mumbai airport
Photo: Ishan Haria
Check-in counter of Vistara at Mumbai airport

Security Check

Security check at Mumbai airport was pretty fast. For security check, you have to go one level down from the main level because it’s the level from where all domestic flights at Mumbai airport T2 depart from.

Photo: Ishan Haria
Flight information screens at Mumbai airport
Photo: Ishan Haria
VT-TNI, our aircraft getting ready to depart to take us to Hyderabad, Telangana


Boarding was pretty fast. First they called out for business class passengers to board the aircraft. After that they called out for Gold tier members of Vistara’s privilege programme. Then, they called out for premium economy passengers to board. And finally they called out for economy class passengers. One thing I would like to point out is that Vistara called out the passengers seat number wise i.e. first they called out for passengers who were assigned seats at the back of the aircraft. This is one thing I would like to appreciate about Vistara.

Photo: Ishan Haria
View from my seat 18F

Vistara provides leather seats in all the three classes which is very good because not all airlines provide leather seats on domestic flights. Vistara has an average legroom in economy class. I am 5 foot 8 inch (approximately).

Photo: Ishan Haria
Average legroom.


Vistara provides inflight-stream-to-your-device entertainment option on all its flights. It includes a wide variety of TV shows, movies etc. You need to connect your device to the inflight WiFi in order to stream on your device.


Departure was slightly delayed due to traffic congestion at Mumbai airport which is very common at big airports like this.

Photo: Ishan Haria
Take-off from Mumbai airport.

Food and Beverages

Vistara provides complimentary meals on all its flight across all the three classes. On this particular flight, Vistara served a small meal box which included a stuffed bread roll and a chocolate muffin, both of which were very yummy. They provided a beverage option between tea and coffee and also provided a 200ml bottle of water. All in all I greatly appreciate the quantity of meal; provided this was a one hour flight.

Photo: Ishan Haria
The small meal box that was provided on the flight.
Photo: Ishan Haria
The meal included a stuffed bread roll and a chocolate muffin.

Cabin crew

Cabin crew on this particular flight was very good. They were always calm, smiling and were very happy with the work they were doing.


The interior of the aircraft was very good. The purple colour of the seats gave the interior of the aircraft a very cool and different look. The aircraft also featured mood lighting which is not very common on Indian carriers.

Photo: Ishan Haria
Mood lighting inside the aircraft.
Photo: Ishan Haria
Approaching Hyderabad
Photo: Ishan Haria
Landing in Hyderabad
Photo: Ishan Haria
Taxing towards gate at Hyderabad airport.


I personally think that Vistara is an airline that is going to change Indian aviation. I had a beautiful flight experience with them. Though it was a one hour flight, I enjoyed every minute of it. The moment you step aboard, it is a whole different feeling. I strongly recommend flying Vistara.

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