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Japan airlines takes to gender neutral greetings: No more ladies and gentlemen

The airline will be dropping the ‘ladies and gentlemen’ from its announcements and will instead use ‘attention all passengers’ and ‘welcome passengers’.

Photo: Oneworld

While some of us may be accustomed to hearing in a certain way on flights, Tokyo based Japan airlines has been in the process of making greetings more gender-neutral based.

According to CNN, Japan Airlines (JAL) will be dropping the “ladies and gentlemen” from its announcements, and will instead favour more inclusive greetings like “attention all passengers” and “welcome, everyone” on all its flights and airports, October 1st,2020 onwards. “We have been promoting diversity in the community since 2014, and this is one of our actions taken to treat everyone [equally] regardless of gender,” Yutaro Iwasaki, publicist for JAL, told the outlet.

The expressions used by the airline are already gender-neutral based but they will be making changes in announcements made in other languages also.

Also, Japan airlines had in March 2020 announced that it would give its female flight attendants the option to wear trousers instead of skirts.

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