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Singapore airlines offers meals in an A380, tickets sold out in 30 minutes: Check details

Singapore airlines recently started a restaurant inside a grounded A380.

Photo: Singapore Airlines

People are paying the price of an actual flight just to dine onboard an A380 parked on the tarmac. This has become a great hit for Singapore airlines.

People are paying a very high price to dine inside the world’s biggest passenger jet. Passengers are paying SGD642(Rs 34,645) to have a meal onboard the A380. The cheapest price is SGD53(Rs 2,858) which consists of a three course meal in Economy class while the most expensive is a four course meal in a first class suite.

People were so eager to have airplane food that all the 900 seats for lunch on October 24 and 25 were sold out within half an hour of opening the bookings on Monday, according to Agence France Presse(AFP).

After such a surge in demand, the carrier extended the days and announced that the restaurant will stay open for two more days. Additionally, lunch and dinner will be offered on all four dates.

To follow the social distancing guidelines, about half the seats will be left empty on the double-decker jets.

Reportedly, Singapore airlines has also started home deliveries of in-flight meals for those seeking to bring the in-flight experience to their homes.

Singapore airlines is trying a different way so that passengers can experience a in-flight meal while staying on the ground.

It is good to see the airline come up with innovative things. What do you think of Singapore Airlines’ onboard restaurant? Let me know in the comments section below.

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