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Qatar Airways Offers Passengers a Full Year of Flexibility in 2021

Qatar Airways has announced that it will offer passengers a full year of flexibility in 2021.


Qatar Airways has announced that it will offer passengers unlimited date changes and fee-free refunds for all tickets issued before 30th April,2021 for travel completed by 31st December,2021.

The national carrier of the State of Qatar is also making the option to exchange tickets for a travel voucher with 10% additional value a permanent feature for all customers booking travel via the airline’s website. The airline said that the process for redeeming a travel voucher is quick and easy – passengers will have to apply online and will receive the voucher within 48 hours.

“Throughout 2020, we have provided customers the ability to modify travel without penalties as a result of the disruption to global travel caused by COVID-19. As we look forward to the possibilities of travelling again next year, Qatar Airways will continue to be by our passengers’ side, offering continued flexibility throughout 2021 as the airline they can rely on.”, said Mr. Akbar Al Baker, CEO, Qatar Airways.

Qatar Airways currently operate to over a 100 destinations increasing to 126 by March 2021. The carrier offers unrivalled connectivity to passengers, making it easy for them to change their travel dates or destination if they need to.

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