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Travel to and from Mumbai airport is allowed during night curfew

Mumbai Police on Tuesday announced that assembly of five or more people will be prohibited during the night curfew. Although, travelling to and from the Mumbai airport, won’t be a problem as it is allowed.

Photo: Mumbai Airport

Mumbai police has imposed restrictions on assembly of five or more people during the night curfew hours (11 pm to 6 am) to curb the spread of COVID-19 and those who will violate the social distancing, mask wearing and other norms will face action; but, travellers who have booked for late evening or early morning flights don’t need to worry as they will be able to travel to or from the city’s airport.

Mumbai airport is open 24/7 so it will remain open during the night curfew hours as well since most of the international travel happens past midnight.

“Passengers travelling to/ from the airport during the curfew will be allowed to proceed onwards as cab services and public transportation will remain operational at all time.”, said a Mumbai International Airport Ltd spokesperson.

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