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Japan issues new COVID-19 travel rules for Indians

Japan has introduced new travel restrictions for international flyers from India.

Following rules have been put into place on the restriction of entry in to Japan by the Embassy of India, Tokyo:

  • The Embassy/Consulates of Japan in India will not issue any new visas with immediate effect
  • Until 3rd January,2021, travellers who have a valid visa and have plans to travel to Japan can visit.
  • From 4th January,2021 onwards, entry into Japan will not be allowed for even those who already have visas.
  • Travellers who have come or returned from Japan temporarily and hold re-entry permits can travel back to Japan as of now.
  • Travellers will need an RT-PCR negative test result before boarding. Another RT-PCR test will be conducted after landing in Japan.
  • 14 days of self-quarantine is mandatory and is to be strictly followed.
  • Guidelines will follow in due course of time for Exceptional and Emergency cases.

For Departure or Return from Japan:

  • All measures such as flight landing, quarantine and PCR Test as imposed by the Government of India will apply.
  • Travellers who wish to travel back to India from Japan temporarily must take a re-entry permit.
  • The availability of flights will depend on airlines and landing permissions.

Japan recently banned entry of foreign travellers until end-January,2021.

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