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Finally, You can take a train from Bengaluru Airport to the city

Here is some good news for travellers going to Bengaluru and for Bengaluru residents.

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Indian Railways’ South Western Railway zone has started operating train services from Bengaluru City Station to the newly built KIA, Devanahalli Railway halt station from 4th January,2021.

The distance between the city centre and Kempegowda International Airport is 40 Kilometres and could take anything between 1.5 to 2.5 hours depending on time of day and traffic conditions. For those who are on business trips to the IT hubs, this journey was even longer. There were a few other options for travellers apart from Taxis and an Airport Bus. Now, the trains with tickets priced between Rs10 and Rs15 for a one-way commute, offer a cheap and easy mode of transportation. The service is inaugurated with 5 pairs of trains.

Train timings from Bengaluru City to Airport

Trains will run six days a week (except Sundays) from KSR Bengaluru City (departure at 4.45am and 9pm), Yelahanka (departure-7 am), Yeshwantpur (departure 8:30 am) and Bangalore Cantonment stations (departure-5.55 pm) to the KIA, Devanahalli Railway halt station.

Train timings from Bengaluru Airport to City

Trains for the return journey will depart from Bengaluru airport’s Devanahalli Railway halt station to KSR Bengaluru City at 6.43 pm and 10.37 pm. The departure timings for Yelahanka, Yeshwantpur and Bangalore Cantonment stations are 6:22 am, 8:21 am and 7:50 am respectively.

How to get from Devanahalli Railway halt station to airport

The last leg of the journey from the halt station to the airport terminal, which is a distance of 3.5 Kilometres, will be via shuttle bus services in both directions.

The Multi-stop journey to Bengaluru City will currently take 1 hour and the Railways are also planning to include a non-stop train in the coming months.

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