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Air India announces multiple international flights

Air India has announced international flights to Japan, Italy and Russia.


Air India is all set to offer additional flights between India and Italy from 31st March to 27th May,2021. The national carrier of India will fly on Delhi-Amritsar-Rome sector every Wednesday and Rome-Amritsar-Delhi sector every Thursday.

Flight schedule:

  • Delhi-Amritsar
  • Departure time- 13:30
  • Arrival time- 14:30
  • Flight time- 1 hour
  • Flight number- AI1123
  • Amritsar-Rome
  • Departure time- 15:55
  • Arrival time- 20:20
  • Flight time- 7 hours and 55 minutes
  • Flight number- AI1123
  • Rome-Amritsar
  • Departure time- 19:00
  • Arrival time- 05:35 (the next day)
  • Flight time- 7 hours and 5 minutes
  • Flight number- AI1122
  • Amritsar-Delhi
  • Departure time- 07:00
  • Arrival time- 08:00
  • Flight time- 1 hour
  • Flight number- AI1122

Tokyo Narita

Air India has also announced flights between Delhi and Tokyo Narita that will operate from 30th March to 29th October,2021. Flights on the Delhi-Narita route will operate every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and that on Narita-Delhi sector will operate every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

Flight schedule:

  • Delhi-Tokyo Narita
  • Departure time- 23:00
  • Arrival time- 10:30 (the next day)
  • Flight time- 8 hours
  • Flight number- AI306
  • Tokyo Narita-Delhi
  • Departure time- 10:30
  • Arrival time- 16:15
  • Flight time- 9 hours and 15 minutes
  • Flight number- AI307

All passengers travelling to Japan have to follow the new guidelines issued by the respective governments.


Air India has announced flights between New Delhi and Moscow from 3rd April to 31st October,2021. The flight on Delhi-Moscow route will operate on Saturdays while the flight on Moscow-Delhi route will operate on Sundays.

  • Delhi-Moscow Sheremetyevo
  • Departure time- 17:40
  • Arrival time- 22:05
  • Flight time- 6 hours and 55 minutes
  • Flight number- AI195
  • Moscow Sheremetyevo-Delhi
  • Departure time- 15:40
  • Arrival time- 00:40 (the next day)
  • Flight time- 6 hours and 30 minutes
  • Flight number- AI196

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