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All Nippon Airways becomes the first airline to install Hands-free toilet doors

All Nippon Airways has become the first airline in the world to install Hands-free toilet doors which will allow passengers to open and close the doors with minimal contact. This is a growing requirement on flights due to COVID-19. Let’s find out more about this new innovation.

Hands-free toilet doors

All Nippon Airways first started testing this innovative hands-free bathroom door in August 2020. The system is set to go into use on 21 ANA aircrafts after nearly 9 months since the trials started. The system will be added on 11 Boeing B 787-8s, 2 Boeing B787-9s, and 8 Boeing B777-200s. Note that all these planes will be deployed on domestic routes, limiting the rollout for now.

The Japanese airline decided to install this system after feedback from passengers during the trials. Bathrooms are a key focus area if we consider to reduce the touch points in cabin in general.

How does it work?

The system allows the passengers to use their elbows and wrists to operate the bathroom door. The lock can easily be opened due to the larger knob compared to standard doors, while the handle can easily be pushed by the elbow. All in all, with the help of this system, it reduces door touch points significantly.

The lavatory doors feature spring handles to operate them more easily without hands. Photo: ANA

Only on domestic routes for now

The new system can be found on some widebody domestic routes in Japan from 1st May 2021. However, ANA plans to have this system on all of its aircrafts across international and domestic routes.

Shinichi Inoue, Senior Executive Vice President, Customer Experience Management and Planning, ANA, said:

Guided by the principles of ANA Care Promise, we have continued to invest in the development and implementation of innovative technologies because the health and safety of passengers and our staff is the top priority…The hands-free lavatory door is the latest example of us putting this principle into practice as we look for ways to make the travel experience safer and more convenient.

Featured image by Wikimedia Commons

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