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Ryanair announces a new base at Venice Marco Polo Airport

Low cost carrier Ryanair has announced a new base at Venice Marco Polo Airport.

Ryanair will create a new base at Venice Marco Polo Airport with 3 new Boeing B7378-200 “Gamechanger” (B737MAX’s modified version) based aircraft, representing an investment of $300million alongside the introduction of 18 new routes (24 total). The creation of the base will create 100 new direct jobs.

Just this year, Ryanair opened a 2 aircraft base this year in Venice Trevino (operating 48 routes) and Verona Airport with 2 new routes to Porto and Palma from Summer 2022. The airline will now operate 86 routes from Summer 2022 at Venice Marco Polo, Venice Treviso and Verona.

Jason McGuinness, Director of Commercial, Ryanair, said:

As Europe and Italy’s largest airline, we are delighted to open our newest Italian base at Venice Marco Polo with three new 737 “Gamechanger” aircraft, further strengthening the long-standing cooperation between Ryanair and the SAVE Group. Today’s announcement of 86 routes (20 new) for the Veneto region demonstrates Ryanair’s ability to rapidly rebuild Italian tourism. As Ryanair takes delivery of 55 new B737 8-200 ‘Gamechanger’ aircraft this winter, we are delighted to announce that three of these will be based in Venice Marco Polo for Summer 2022, which represents a $300m investment in Venice Marco Polo Airport. These new aircraft will deliver a total of 24 destinations, including 18 new connections and 100 new jobs in an environmentally sustainable manner. As consumer confidence returns, we call on the Italian Government to scrap the municipal tax for all Italian airports, which is damaging the competitiveness of Italian airports versus their European counterparts. The axing of this tax would facilitate a rapid recovery in Italian air traffic and jobs thanks to Ryanair’s low fares and long-term growth plan. To celebrate our new Venice Marco Polo base, we are launching an unmissable seat sale, with prices starting from just €19.99 (available until midnight Friday, 8th Oct). A much-deserved getaway is only a click away, so to avoid disappointment, we advise customers to act fast and book directly on before these amazing low fares are snapped up!

Ryanair’s Summer 2022 schedule from Venice includes flights to:

  • Comiso – 3-weekly flights
  • Crotone – 3-weekly flights
  • Lisbon – 5-weekly flights
  • Madrid – 7-weekly flights
  • Marseille – 4-weekly flights
  • Stockholm – 2-weekly flights
  • Vienna – 7-weekly flights
  • Gdańsk – 2-weekly flights
  • Cork – 2-weekly flights
  • Helsinki – 2-weekly flights
  • Santander – 2-weekly flights
  • Odesa – 2-weekly flights
  • Toulouse – 2-weekly flights
  • Katowice – 2-weekly flights
  • Nuremberg – 2-weekly flights
  • Menorca – 2-weekly flights
  • Cagliari (moved from Treviso)- 14-weekly flights
  • Trapani (moved from Treviso) – 3-weekly flights
  • Catania – 21-weekly flights
  • Bari – 14-weekly flights
  • Naples – 21-weekly flights
  • Palermo – 14-weekly flights
  • Barcelona – 10-weekly flights
  • London Stansted – 21-weekly flights

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Ryanair’s Summer 2022 schedule from Verona includes flights to:

  • Porto – 2-weekly flights
  • Palma – 3-weekly flights
  • Brindisi – 3-weekly flights
  • Birmingham – 2-weekly flights
  • Bari – 7-weekly flights
  • Cagliari – 10-weekly flights
  • Corfu – 2-weekly flights
  • Brussels Charleroi – 3-weekly flights
  • Catania – 7-weekly flights
  • Dublin – 3-weekly flights
  • Naples – 7-weekly flights
  • Palermo – 13-weekly flights
  • London Stansted – 5-weekly flights
  • Lamezia – 3-weekly flights

Ryanair’s Summer 2022 schedule from Treviso includes flights to:

  • Lanzarote – 1-weekly flight
  • Málaga – 3-weekly flights
  • Alicante – 2-weekly flights
  • Brindisi – 8-weekly flights
  • Berlin – 7-weekly flights
  • Billund – 2-weekly flights
  • Bordeaux – 2-weekly flights
  • Bristol – 4-weekly flights
  • Budapest – 3-weekly flights
  • Paris Beauvais – 7-weekly flights
  • Corfu – 1-weekly flight
  • Chania – 2-weekly flights
  • Brussels Charleroi – 13-weekly flights
  • Dublin – 9-weekly flights
  • Edinburgh – 2-weekly flights
  • Eindhoven – 3-weekly flights
  • East Midlands – 2-weekly flights
  • Fez – 2-weekly flights
  • Frankfurt Hahn – 2-weekly flights
  • Ibiza – 3-weekly flights
  • Santorini – 2-weekly flights
  • Kyiv – 2-weekly flights
  • Kos – 2-weekly flights
  • Krakow – 2-weekly flights
  • Lviv – 2-weekly flights
  • Manchester – 4-weekly flights
  • Malta – 8-weekly flights
  • Porto – 2-weekly flights
  • Bucharest – 2-weekly flights
  • Paphos – 2-weekly flights
  • Palma – 3-weekly flights
  • Poznań – 2-weekly flights
  • Prague – 2-weekly flights
  • Marrakech – 2-weekly flights
  • Rhodes – 2-weekly flights
  • Riga – 2-weekly flights
  • Sibiu – 2-weekly flights
  • Suceava – 2-weekly flights
  • Thessaloniki – 2-weekly flights
  • Sofia – 2-weekly flights
  • Lamezia – 8-weekly flights
  • Sevilla – 2-weekly flights
  • Tenerife – 2-weekly flights
  • Tel Aviv – 2-weekly flights
  • Valencia – 4-weekly flights
  • Vilnius – 2-weekly flights
  • Warsaw Modlin – 2-weekly flights
  • Wroclaw – 2-weekly flights

Camillo Bozzolo, Commercial Director, Aviation SAVE Group, said:

The activation of Ryanair’s new base in Venice strengthens the carrier’s presence in our territory, accelerating the resumption of traffic started at the beginning of June with the opening of the Treviso base. For the SAVE Group, this represents confirmation of the centrality of the airports managed in the development strategies of the main carriers, which will speed up the recovery of pre-pandemic traffic volumes. Thanks to the 3 aircraft that will be based at Marco Polo, the offer of outgoing destinations aimed at our catchment area will expand, thus connecting more and more niche destinations that will enrich the network of destinations served by the airport.

Featured image by Ryanair

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