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Singapore Airlines launches new brand campaign – Welcome to World Class

Singapore Airlines (SIA) today announced the launch of its latest global brand campaign – Welcome to World Class.

Titled “Welcome to World Class”, the campaign “reflects the airline’s commitment to deliver an exceptional customer experience across the end-to-end travel journey”.

This is epitomised by SIA’s iconic cabin crew in the 90-second campaign video, which highlights their varied and personal experiences with people and cultures from around the world. The “inimitable connection that they have with the Airline’s customers, along with their distinctive combination of empathy and confidence, enable SIA to deliver its world-class in-flight service on a daily basis”, says SIA.

At Singapore Airlines, service excellence is deeply ingrained in our DNA and our customers are at the heart of everything we do. This campaign highlights our unwavering commitment to deliver a world-class travel experience, no matter the duration of the journey. Our award-winning cabin crew are central to this promise, with their rich and diverse experiences, as well as their dedication to customer service, having a positive impact on everyone around them.

said Mr Lee Lik Hsin, Executive Vice President Commercial, Singapore Airlines.

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The uplifting video was directed by filmmaker Liz Murphy and filmed in Singapore, Auckland in New Zealand, Barcelona in Spain, Mumbai in India, and Shanghai in China.

The carrier says that it conducted in-depth research to measure its global brand perception, and used the findings to create a campaign that aims to resonate with customers around the world.

Here’s a link to the 90-second brand video:

The video is made in a very simple and sweet way, which I personally like very much. It conveys what Singapore Airlines is and what the brand stands for. The video is shot in a very good way, including some behind-the-scenes included in it.

Singapore Airlines has always had interesting brand campaigns and this one is no different. It is commendable how the airline has been able to sustain and grow steadily out of the COVID-19 pandemic, just like its rivals such as Emirates, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways etc.

Photo: Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines has been one of the favourites since many years and all I will say is that it always was, is and will remain a world-class airline!

Meanwhile, Singapore Airlines recently announced that it will increase Airbus A380 services to Australia and ramp up East and South East Asian services.

Featured image of one of the two photos released by Singapore Airlines as part of the “Welcome to World Class” campaign by Singapore Airlines

What do you think of Singapore Airlines’ new brand campaign? Let me know in the comments section below.

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