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Air Canada to have up to 220 daily flights between Canada and the United States after the reopening of borders

Air Canada yesterday announced its summer trans border schedule. The airline will fly on 55 routes to 34 destinations, with up to 220 daily flights between the two North American countries. The carrier says that this new schedule coincides with the loosening of restrictions on travel between the two countries.

Canada yesterday announced that starting 9th August 2021, it will reopen its borders to vaccinated travellers coming from the United States. Fully vaccinated tourists will not have to quarantine upon arrival.

Air Canada flights to the US from Toronto along with their operating frequencies are:

  • Atlanta : 14-flights-a-week
  • Austin : 5-flights-a-week (restarts 9th September 2021)
  • Boston : 21-flights-a-week
  • Charlotte : 7-flights-a-week (restarts 7th September 2021)
  • Chicago : 28-flights-a-week
  • Cincinnati : 7-flights-a-week (restarts 7th September 2021)
  • Cleveland : 7-flights-a-week (restarts 1st August 2021)
  • Columbus : 7-flights-a-week
  • Dallas : 14-flights-a-week (restarts 7th September 2021)
  • Denver : 14-flights-a-week
  • Detroit : 7-flights-a-week
  • Fort Lauderdale : 8-flights-a-week
  • Fort Myers : 2-flights-a-week (restarts 1st August 2021)
  • Houston : 21-flights-a-week
  • Las Vegas : 4-flights-a-week (restarts 1st August 2021)
  • Los Angeles : 21-flights-a-week
  • New York LaGuardia : 35-flights-a-week
  • Minneapolis/Saint Paul : 7-flights-a-week (restarts 7th September 2021)
  • Nashville : 4-flights-a-week (restarts 30th August 2021)
  • Newark : 28-flights-a-week
  • Orlando : 5-flights-a-week
  • Philadelphia : 7-flights-a-week
  • Phoenix : 3-flights-a-week (restarts 2nd August 2021)
  • Pittsburgh : 7–flights-a-week (restarts 1st August 2021)
  • Raleigh Durham : 14-flights-a-week (restarts 7th September 2021)
  • Seattle : 4-flights-a-week (restarts 1st August 2021)
  • San Francisco : 14-flights-a-week
  • Tampa : 5-flights-a-week
  • Washington Dulles : 21-flights-a-week
  • Washington National : 14-flights-a-week (restarts 7th September 2021)

Air Canada flights to the US from Vancouver along with their operating frequencies are:

  • Chicago : 7-flights-a-week (restarts 7th September 2021)
  • Denver : 14-flights-a-week
  • Honolulu : 3-flights-a-week (restarts 2nd August 2021)
  • Las Vegas : 4-flights-a-week (restarts 7th September 2021)
  • Los Angeles : 21-flights-a-week
  • Maui : 3-flights-a-week (restarts 3rd August 2021)
  • Newark : 7-flights-a-week (restarts 7th September 2021)
  • Portland : 14-flights-a-week
  • Phoenix : 5-flights-a-week
  • San Diego : 7-flights-a-week (restarts 1st August 2021)
  • San Francisco : 21-flights-a-week
  • Seattle : 14-flights-a-week

Air Canada flights to the US from Montreal along with their operating frequencies are:

  • Boston : 14-flights-a-week
  • Chicago : 21-flights-a-week
  • Denver : 7-flights-a-week
  • Newark : 14-flights-a-week
  • Fort Lauderdale : 7-flights-a-week
  • Houston : 7-flights-a-week
  • New York LaGuardia : 21-flights-a-week
  • Las Vegas : 3-flights-a-week (restarts 9th September 2021)
  • Los Angeles : 7-flights-a-week
  • Orlando : 3-flights-a-week
  • San Francisco : 7-flights-a-week
  • Washington Dulles : 7-flights-a-week
  • Washington National : 14-flights-a-week (restarts 7th September 2021)

Air Canada flight to the US from Calgary along with its operating frequencies are:

  • Phoenix : 3-flights-a-week (restarts 1st August 2021)

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Mark Galardo, Senior Vice President, Network Planning and Revenue Management, Air Canada, said:

The easing of travel restrictions announced today by the federal government is an important step based on science, and we are very pleased to rebuild our Canada-U.S. network. Canada and the United States share close ties and restoring air connectivity will contribute to both countries’ economic recovery. Air Canada’s proud tradition of being the largest foreign carrier in the U.S. is reflected in our schedule which has been developed to provide a wide range of choices for customers in both countries, appealing to Canadian customers interested in travelling to popular U.S. destinations, and to U.S. residents looking to visit and explore Canada’s spectacular sights and hospitality. Our schedule also enables convenient onward travel through our Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal hubs to and from our global destinations. We are planning to restore services to all 57 U.S. destinations previously served as conditions allow. We sincerely look forward to welcoming our customers onboard.

Marsha Walden, President and CEO, Destination Canada, said:

We are thrilled with this announcement and look forward to welcoming back travellers from the U.S. From our lively cities immersed in nature to spectacular wilderness and coastlines to the unique mosaic of Indigenous and global cultures, every day in Canada offers a new adventure and a chance to reconnect with what’s important. Team Canada is ready to host our American friends!

In early August, Air Canada’s onboard services will resume on transborder flights greater than two hours, with new Economy Class Bistro selections being gradually introduced, including products by Canadian brands and partners such as Nomz vegan energy balls, celebrated Montreal Chef Jérôme Ferrer-inspired meals and more.

The flag carrier of Canada says that flights are timed to provide connectivity through Air Canada’s North American and international destinations including to Brussels, Cairo, Doha, and to a multitude of other cities in Europe, Asia and beyond.

Meanwhile, Air Canada recently announced resumption of 17 international routes and also inaugurated a new route between Montreal and Cairo. The airline has also launched a simplified solution to upload COVID-19 related travel documents.

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