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Scandinavian Airlines opens reservations for its first Electric flight

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) has opened reservations for its first Electric flight.

SAS will operate three Electric flights – one each in Sweden, Norway and Denmark – for which reservations are open from today. 30 seats are available for reservation on each of the three inaugural flights. The only catch here is that these flights will be operated five years from now in 2028.

Those interested can visit this webpage can reserve a maximum of two seats per reservation and person in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The good thing is that no fee is to be paid at the time of reservation. A fare of 1,946 krona including all taxes and fees will have to paid 30 days prior to the flight which will be communicated by the airline. The departure day and place of departure will be informed by SAS when decided.

The ticket price for the inaugural flight will be SEK/NOK/DKK 1946 – a tribute to the year when SAS first started flying. A start-up that also marks the beginning of SAS’ innovative nature, with then-founder Wallenberg stating that “moving from the old to the new is the only tradition worth preserving”.

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Since its inception in 1946, SAS has been one of the pioneers in the airline industry, being for instance the first commercial airline operator to fly over the North Pole to significantly shorten flight time between continents. A groundbreaking activity for which SAS received the Columbus Prize. The fact that we can now invite our passengers to the next major milestone in the future of aviation is a natural continuation of that pioneering spirit and a significant step on our journey towards more sustainable aviation.

said Anko van der Werff, President & CEO, SAS.

SAS too has a goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 in line with IATA’s updated ambition. By 2030, the airline has a goal of reducing 50% noise compared to 2010 in addition to using Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) equivalent to SAS’ domestic production.

SAS has been cooperating with Heart Aerospace, a Swedish company developing the ES-30 aircraft. In September 2022, the carrier signed a letter of support concerning their new electric ES-30 to its regional fleet.

The ES-30 aircraft has a Entry-in-service (EIS) scheduled for 2028. It all remains to be seen whether Heart Aerospace is able to stick to this timeline or not but one thing is for sure, if this indeed happens, this may well be a beginning of a new era in the aviation world for sure.

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