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Now Open: Radisson Blu Resort Kumbhalgarh

Kumbhalgarh, a relatively secluded destination near Udaipur, Rajasthan, has got its very first international branded resort in the form of Radisson Blu Resort Kumbhalgarh.

Location and Design

Nestled amidst the majestic Aravalli Range, Radisson Blu Resort Kumbhalgarh showcases a perfect blend of luxury and serenity in a breathtaking natural setting.

Set in a spectacular location with a mountainous backdrop, the resort is accessible from Maharana Pratap Airport Udaipur and Udaipur City Junction Train Station within two hours. The property is located in proximity to the illustrious Kumbhalgarh Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its architectural splendor. The resort’s strategic location ensures convenient access to other prominent attractions, including the revered Ranakpur Jain Temple and the captivating wildlife of Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary.


Just a 2-hour drive away from Udaipur, life at Radisson Blu Resort, Kumbhalgarh is all about the simple pleasures – waking up to warm sunshine, strolling through lush gardens, savouring local culinary delights, and exploring tales of bravery with guided treks and trails to sites undiscovered.

Walk Over Bridge at the resort

The resort’s architecture pays homage to the rich heritage of Rajasthan, seamlessly combining traditional elements with modern design to create a truly captivating ambiance.


Nestled on the foothills of the Aravalli Range, Radisson Blu Resort, Kumbhalgarh is a serene oasis spread across 5.18 acres. Surrounded by diverse flora and fauna, including multiple-aged banyan trees, it offers a refreshing change of pace. It is the only IGBC-certified (Indian Green Building Council) property in the region.


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Accommodations and Dining

Radisson Blu Resort Kumbhalgarh features boasts 86 spacious rooms and suites that are elegantly designed with thoughtful touches offering stunning views of the picturesque landscape, ensuring a tranquil retreat for every guest. The base rooms start at 33 square meters of space while the largest suite is spread in an area of 72 square meters.

Standard Room – Mountain View
Standard Room – Mountain View
Standard Room – Mountain View Bathroom
Standard Room – Mountain View Bathroom
Standard Room – Hill View Balcony

The resort features three Food & Beverage outlets:

  • Roots All Day Dining: This all-day restaurant features a live kitchen offering a variety of local and international cuisine with an amazing Bodhi Tree as its stylish centerpiece
  • Breeze Pizzeria & Bar: Guests can enjoy delicious Pizzas with a wide variety of high-end Indian spirits and perfectly paired snacks combined with views of the Aravalli Range and lake
  • Meadows: The modern garden bar, Meadows, is laid out across three different levels, creating a unique and memorable bar experience. Guests can enjoy the sounds of nature, read a book, or enjoy a relaxing moment with friends or coworkers. Meadows offers the finest selection of single malts for guests to sip on
Roots All Day Dining
Roots All Day Dining
Roots All Day Dining
Breeze Pizzeria & Bar

Facilities and Activities

The soon-to-open Spa will feature three treatment rooms in addition to a Steam room. The resort also features an outdoor Swimming Pool and a Kids Play Area. For meetings and events, the resort offers a Grand Banquet Hall capable of accommodating 150 guests in addition to outdoor terrace and lawn.

Outdoor Swimming Pool

The resort offers a variety of activities, such as:

  • Pottery Workshop: Unleash your creativity and delve into the ancient art of clay pottery with boundless imagination, under the guidance of Manna Lal Kumhar, the resort’s revered in-house pottery expert and National Awardee. Experience the magic of this captivating art form, where every spin carries the essence of centuries-old traditions and the spark of your own creativity
  • Puppet Workshop: Step into the enchanting world of Rajasthani Puppetry and witness the magic while learning the art form from the resort’s in-house specialist. The resort’s captivating puppet show is a window into the rich heritage and vibrant culture of Kumbhalgarh
  • Kumbhalgarh Fort: This magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site, built in the 15th century, stands tall as a testament to the valor and grandeur of Rajasthan’s rich history. Guests can join the resort’s expert guides on a captivating 2-hour tour that unveils the secrets and stories etched within the fortress walls
  • Guided Tours: Guests can join the resort’s guided tour and witness the natural splendor of Hamerpal Lake, the sacred aura of Bhairav Khambhat, and the spiritual allure of Parshuram Mahadev Temple. Take in the serenity of these sacred sites, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the landscape
  • Boating at Lakhela Lake: Glide through the shimmering waters on a relaxing Motor Boat Ride, while surrounded by some of the most captivating scenery that Kumbhalgarh has to offer
  • Sunset Hi-Tea: Embrace the beautiful twilight as you indulge in a mesmerizing hi-tea at the iconic Badal Guest House. Marvel at the ever-changing hues painting the sky, as the sun casts its golden glow upon the majestic landscape
  • Camel Charisma: Witness the grace and magnificence of these majestic creatures as you delve into the art of camel herding. Engage with herders who will share fascinating insights into the cultural significance of camel rearing and the nomadic way of life
  • Local Festivities: Celebrated in honor of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva, Gangaur Festival showcases traditional Rajasthani dance forms, music, and vibrant processions that fill the streets with color. Teej Festival is a celebration of monsoons and marital bliss, marked by women dressed in colorful attire, singing and dancing to traditional folk songs

Here’s a small promotional video of the new property:

Featured image by Radisson

All the other images by Radisson

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