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Eurowings Discover is now rebranded as Discover Airlines

Eurowings Discover, the Lufthansa group‘s young leisure airline, has rebranded itself as Discover Airlines. The main motive behind this rebranding is to differentiate itself from Eurowings Airlines, which is also a part of Lufthansa group. Let’s get over the details.

Discover Airlines

In addition to the name, the look of the airline is also changing, with a beautiful new livery. The airline states that the Discover brand stands for “the joy of traveling, discovering, and rediscovering beautiful places and experiences”. The design has therefore been inspired by colors and elements that awaken memories of holidays as well as the desire to travel. The various shades of blue, the so-called “skylines,” pick up on the colors of the sky, the horizon, and the water, while the sun and beach are reflected in yellow accents. The gradient of colors evokes the view from the aircraft window looking toward the horizon or the view of the sea.

The blue color scheme also stands for quality and the connection to the Lufthansa Group, as Discover Airlines is fully embedded in the Group’s structures at the two hubs of Frankfurt and Munich, complementing the existing offering in the growing segment of private travel.

We have built up our airline in a record time of two years, hired around 2,000 employees, phased-in 22 aircraft, and today are flying to over 60 destinations around the world. The fact that we are already profitable after two years is thanks to the enormous commitment of the team. This same enthusiasm is now driving us forward. The start-up phase is behind us and we are working on sharpening our profile as well as a clear positioning in the segment of higher-value leisure travel. This is also expressed by the brand identity which at the same time underlines our affiliation with the Lufthansa Group. Discover Airlines stands for quality, joy and ease, after all, people fly with us to the best time of the year.

said Bernd Bauer, CEO, Discover Airlines.

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Discover Airlines has put out a great video summing up the entire rebranding story:

The “discover” lettering in lowercase letters with a dot is retained as the word mark. It has been an integral part of the brand identity since the beginning and will in future be supplemented by the word “Airlines.” The dot is a recurring design element and can be found on the tail of the aircraft, among other places.

Despite the independence of the new design, the link to the Lufthansa Group is clear. For example, the lettering “Member of Lufthansa Group” can be found on both sides of the fuselage. In addition, a straight white line, the so-called “leading edge,” extends the tail optically to the bottom of the fuselage.

Step-by-step rollout

On 5th September 2023, the first Airbus A320, registered D-AIUR, with the new livery touched down at Frankfurt airport. This was the start for the new brand identity rollout. On 6th September 2023, the airline’s digital presence, from its website to its social media channels, changed. In the days and weeks that follow, signage at Frankfurt Airport and stations around the world, as well as many other items, will be replaced. The crews’ uniform accessories as well as elements of the cabin furnishings will be adapted to the new brand image from December.

For reasons of sustainability, disposable items will be completely used up first, then reordered in the new design.

Over the next few months those aircraft will be repainted that are new to the fleet, have only received a partial paint job so far, or are due for a regular livery refresh.

Featured image by Discover Airlines

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