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Akasa Air launches Braille Menu Cards on Café Akasa

Akasa Air has announced the launch of Braille Menu Cards on Café Akasa to mark “World Sight Day 2023’ celebrated on 12th October every year.

Braille menu cards

Akasa Air has introduced its inflight dining menu card in Braille, onboard its meal service Café Akasa. Developed in partnership with The Xavier’s Resource Centre for the Visually Challenged (XRCVC), the menu has been designed to ensure passengers with visual impairments have a seamless experience on board.

The new Braille menu cards are thoughtfully designed and feature a variety of options including meal choices, snacks, beverages available to order while on the flight. By incorporating Braille, passengers with visual impairments can independently peruse and select their meal preferences, enhancing their overall travel experience.

At Akasa, we are committed to building an airline that is socially responsible, economically sustainable, and inherently empathetic. The Braille menu card ensures that passengers with visual impairments can easily access and enjoy refreshments from one of the most distinguished offerings – Café Akasa. We are immensely thankful to Dr Taraporevala and the entire XRCVC team for their strategic direction and unwavering support in our goal towards inclusive travel.

said Belson Coutinho, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing & Experience Officer, Akasa Air.

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Akasa says that the Braille-friendly menu is in line with “its continuous endeavour to establish a cohesive flying experience for all its passengers”.

At the XRCVC, we are committed to creating an inclusive environment for persons with disabilities. It has been a pleasure to associate with Akasa Air to create an accessible in-flight menu for Cafe Akasa. This menu has been designed with large fonts and synchronised Braille which will cater to the needs of passengers with visual impairments. We hope that all service providers will take a leaf out of Akasa’s book and work to create inclusive and accessible solutions for their customers with diverse needs.

said Dr. Sam Taraporevala, Executive Director, XRCVC.

Earlier this year, Akasa Air introduced its inflight safety manual in Braille comprising detailed safety instructions in both English and Hindi.

Featured image by Akasa Air

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