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Air India Express unveils new livery

Air India Express has today unveiled its new livery. The new branding comes at a time when the Tata Group is attempting to revive Air India and its subsidiary Air India Express. Let’s go over all the details.


Air India Express today unveiled its new livery at an event held at Air India hanger at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport. The livery was unveiled on a Boeing B737MAX-8, registered VT-BXA, of which the airline took delivery recently. This is the first of 190 B737MAXs that the airline will take delivery of until the end of this decade.

Air India Express’ new livery
Air India Express livery rendering

The Express Orange colour symbolises the enthusiasm and the agility of the brand and the proposition of the unique Indian warmth that the airline hopes to offer to every flyer. The secondary colour, Express Turquoise, embodies a stylish contemporary sensibility and a digital first approach that the airline hopes to bring at every touchpoint.

Air India Express’ new logo

Alok Singh, the Managing Director of Air India Express, confirmed that every aircraft in Air India Express’ fleet will continue to feature a unique tail art.

Air India Express’ livery tail art that will be different on every aircraft

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Air India Express’ livery tail art details

Air India Express says that its new branding represents “Fast, Intuitive, Young, Stylish, Warm and Accessible” factors of the airline. The airline has used the Jharokha windows of Air India and combined two of them to make a stylised “X”, representing the “X-factor” in the airline.

Air India Express’ X-factor

The airline’s new tagline is “Fly As You Are”, representating that the airline sees flying for what it truly is and passengers for what they truly are.

Here’s a short film of the new Air India Express brand:

Revamped website

A few days ago, Air India Express rolled out its revamped website. The website also features the orange and turquoise colours. The website is sporting the new look of airline. It also features stylised X at different points.

Air India Express’s revamped website


Air India Express has always been kind of a “ignored” airline in the Indian aviation market. Until now, the airline has mostly been flying short-haul international flights to the Gulf and SouthEast Asia, with very few domestic ones. The brand has not got that much attention until now.

The new branding of Air India Express looks great. I will be honest here. The first impressions of the new livery of Air India Express are better than those of Air India’s livery when it was revealed back in August. It can be for the fact that the former’s livery has been revealed on an actual aircraft rather than just some renderings as was the case with Air India. The combination of Orange and Turquoise looks great, along with the beautiful tail art. It honestly represents thefuture-looking” approach of the airline.

From today, Air India Express has commenced a new journey, a journey which will see the airline focus on domestic operations, something which has majorly not been the case until now. The airline will take delivery of 50 B737MAXs until the end of 2024. Air India Express has already started expanding domestically with new flights from Bengaluru to Kannur, Trivandrum, Varanasi etc and from Hyderabad to Varanasi.

It is still unclear what the new seats will look like, if at all they are in the works.

All in all, the new branding of Air India Express looks great and it will be interesting to see how it fairs against the likes of IndiGo, Akasa Air and SpiceJet in the domestic market.

Featured image by Air India Express

All the other images by Air India Express

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