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Thailand to grant Visa-Free entry for Indians and Taiwanese

In a bid to increase tourism, the Thai government has announced that it will start offering Visa-Free entries for travellers from India and Taiwan.

Starting 10th November 2023 through 10th May 2024, travellers from India and Taiwan going to Thailand will be able to do so without taking a visa. This visa-free travel arrangement has been made possible by the government of Thailand in a bid to attract more tourists from these two countries.

Travellers from India and Taiwan will be able to stay in Thailand for 30 days. This means that tourists can explore Thailand’s natural beauty, rich history and vibrant culture for 30 days from the day of entry before returning to their home countries. Visa-free entry means that m travellers can save on visa-cost which is generally 2,000 Thai Baht for Indians (approximately 4700INR).

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This year, until 29th October, Malaysians have been the largest group of visitors in Thailand with more than three million of them arriving in the country, according to the data from the Tourism Ministry of Thailand. Malaysians are closely followed by Chinese tourists, who numbered 2.65 million arrivals by 15th October 2023. South Koreans and Indians also contributed significantly to Thailand’s tourist numbers this year.

Thailand has already welcomed 22 million visitors between January and 29th October 2023, resulting in a revenue of 927.5 billion baht (approx 21.49 billion INR). The temporary visa-free entry comes at a time when Thailand generally sees a high-demand for travel. This move will surely boost tourism in the country. In September, Thailand eliminated visa requirement for Chinese tourists.

Thailand is not the only country offering incentives to attract tourists from India and other countries. Last week, Sri Lanka announced that it will be waiving off visa fees for tourists from seven countries including India until 31st March 2024.

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