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Sri Lanka waives Visa Fee for India and six other countries

Tourists from India and six other countries will now be able to travel to Sri Lanka without paying any visa fee.

In order to boost tourism in the country, the Sri Lankan government has decided to waive off the Visa Fee for tourists coming from India, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Russia. This is in effect immediately and will be in effect until 31st March 2024 as part of a pilot project.

This initiative aims to boost the country’s economy, allowing travellers from these seven countries to enter Sri Lanka without paying any visa fee.

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Note that “Visa Fee” and “Visa Free” are two different things and in this case, the former is applicable, meaning that tourists from these seven countries will still have to apply for a tourist visa in the same way. It’s just that their visa fee will be waived off.

India continues to be one of top inbound tourism markets. Sri Lanka is making continuous efforts to boost tourism between the two countries, such as starting a ferry between India and Sri Lanka to attract more tourists. In September 2023, 30,000 Indians visited Sri Lanka, accounting for 26% of the total incoming tourists. This was followed by China with 8,000 tourists.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Sri Lanka has faced a lot, from the economic downturn to tourism not picking up again. I think this initiative will encourage more tourists to visit the country and contribute to the Sri Lankan economy.

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