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All Nippon Airways is resuming flights to Hawaii: Check details

Photo: All Nippon Airways

All Nippon airways is resuming its flights to Hawaii with only 2 flights in the whole month of November.

The airline will be operating flights on the 6th and 20th of November,2020. The flight will takeoff from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport. The airline will be running B787 Dreamliner on this route. It is very sad to see All Nippon Airways just using the B787-9 rather than the mighty A380 which it used to run double-daily on this route before the pandemic began.

According to a press release issued by All Nippon Airways, the airline will operate two services in each direction between Tokyo Haneda and Honolulu in November.

The Tokyo-Honolulu flight will depart at 22:15 and will arrive in Honolulu at 10:15 the next day after burning fuel in air for 7 hours. The flight will be tagged as NH186.

The Honolulu-Tokyo flight will depart at 13:20 and will arrive in Tokyo at 17:35 the next day after a 9 hours and 15 minute flight. The flight will be tagged as NH185.

The November schedule mirrors the October service to Honolulu. The first flight to Honolulu left Haneda yesterday and is making the return trip today, October 6. The next flight departs Haneda on October 19 and heads back the following day. The airline says the two flights a month are in response to passengers needing to travel for study or work purposes. Yesterday’s flight marked All Nippon Airways’ return to Hawaii after an absence of six months.

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