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Travel to Australia not possible until late 2021: Check details

Australia is unlikely to open its international borders until late next year, the Australian government has confirmed.

Sad news for all those who are day-dreaming of a holiday in Australia.

Josh Frydenberg, the Treasurer, confirmed the decision to wait until a vaccine is available after handing down the Federal Budget, reports “International travel, including by tourists and international students, is assumed to remain largely closed off until late next year and then gradually return over time, and a vaccine to be available around the end of 2021 is one of the assumptions in the budget”, he added.

“We know that the road out of this crisis will be unpredictable. We also know that this Budget outlines possible alternative upside and downside scenarios. We are taking nothing for granted.”, he added.

The rule applies both ways I.e neither Australians will be able to travel to rest of the countries nor tourists will be able to travel to Australia.

In most cases, domestic restrictions are expected to lift by December this year; however, Western Australia will not reopen its border until April 2021.

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