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British Airways B747 saved from scrapheap

British airways yesterday confirmed that the last of its three retrojet Boeing B747-400s will be saved from scrapheap.

Photo:Getty Images

The airline on Tuesday confirmed that the BOAC retrojet would be saved from being scrapped. The aircraft will find a new home at Bro Tathan business park in the Vale of Glamorgan.

The ‘Negus’ B747 will be going to Kemble.

‘Landor’ B747 is currently in storage with BOAC in Cardiff. However, the aircraft registered as G-BNLY will now fly to Dunsfold,England.

“We think [the Boeing 747s] have great historical importance, not only to British Airways but to the entire aviation industry, and we are pleased they will be preserved for future generations in locations in the UK.”, said Sean Doyle, British Airways’ CEO.

Dunsfold will now have three retired British Airways’ B747s including the ‘Chatham Dockyard’ livery.

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