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Don’t forget to wear a mask if you’re planning to travel to Goa

In COVID-19 travel update, people without masks will now be fined and photographed by Goan police as many tourists were found to be roaming without complying to the new travel guidelines.

Photo: Tripadvisor

Recently, many tourists in Goa had been noticed without masks and were found arguing with the authorities. On Monday, important announcement was made in reference to this matter by the Panaji Mayor Uday Madkaikar, which stated that the tourists who are found without masks will now be fined and photographed by the police in order to teach them a lesson.

Several tourists also become abusive towards the authorities from Panaji Municipal Corporation. Mayor Madkaikar said, “In view of these unnecessary tussles, police will now accompany our municipality officials during drives to enforce the use of face masks in public. Photos of tourists who do not follow the rule will also be taken before they are directed to pay fines. People should visit Goa, but they should not take the state’s people for granted. The objective of wearing masks is to keep everyone safe from coronavirus.”

Lately, Goa has been flooded with tourists coming from all over the country that has resulted in crowded beaches and other tourist spots. Just last week, the government doubled the fine for not wearing a face mask to ₹200.

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