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Marriott offers COVID-19 test for group meetings as a new health measure

Marriott International plans to introduce a new health measure in the form of a COVID-19 test for group meeting customers at US hotels in Colorado, Florida, Tennessee and Texas from January.

Photo: Marriott Hotels

Since COVID-19 has become one of the biggest health issues of the decade, it has also become very important to take as many precautionary measures as one can in order to avoid further spread of the deadly virus.

Owing to this fact, Marriott International has announced that it plans to offer coronavirus tests to meetings customers at US hotels in Colorado, Florida, Tennessee and Texas from January.

These tests will be part of a package deal inside the group’s ‘Connect with Confidence’ programme under “optional health protocols.” The programme is designed to “empower meeting professionals to identify and tailor solutions that best meet the needs of their attendees”, according to the hotel.

From January, customers will be able to choose health measures, including:

  • Test administered by a third-party on site after arriving at the hotel
  • COVID test that will be self-administered and taken by the guest prior to travel
  • Daily temperature checks to enter the event area
  • Daily and/or pre-arrival health screening through dedicated mobile application

“These health protocols will offer options for meeting professionals as they plan and host meetings, conferences, and events.”, said Tammy Routh, Senior Vice President, Global Sales Organisation for Marriott International.

He added, “Building upon the work of our Global Cleanliness Council, we engaged industry-leading experts and through a thorough review process, identified third party providers capable of offering the health protocols that meeting professionals want and need for future events.”

This year Marriott has launched a Global Cleanliness Council to promote higher standards of cleanliness during the times of coronavirus pandemic.

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