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Emirates and Etihad Airways suspends flights to Saudi Arabia

Emirates and Etihad Airways have temporarily suspended flights to Saudi Arabia amid concerns over a new strain of COVID-19.

Photo: Emirates

Emirates and Etihad Airways both have suspended flights to Saudi Arabia after the Saudi Arabian government issued a statement last night restricting entry into the kingdom and suspending international flights for at least one week.

The new travel restrictions are a direct result of growing concern about the new strain according to Saudi Ministry of the Interior. The country has also suspended entry via land borders and seaports.

Due to the closure of borders as directed by the Saudi authorities, Emirates will be suspending flights to and from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia until 27th December.”, said Emirates in a statement.

The safety of its customers and crew is Etihad’s highest priority, and we regret any inconvenience the suspension may cause.”, said Etihad Airways to Gulf News. Etihad Airways has suspended flights to Saudi Arabia until further notice.

Saudi Arabia has suspended flights to the UK. There have been no extra measures imposed inside the borders. Gatherings can still take place with up to 50 people, and businesses are open. Officials are clearly focused on preventing the new strain from entering the kingdom. Current restrictions are imposed till 27th December,2020.

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